Kitchen Quarantine

An online community of kitchen support for the whole family during this uncertain time.

Creating Connection Through Food

Welcome to The Connected Chef!

We believe in  a world where people have a direct connection to where and how their food is grown.

A world where all adults have the time and space to connect with their children about the deeper issues of compassion and care for each other.

Eating healthy should no longer be something to strive for and should be a foundation for every community.

Adult Programming


Cook without a recipe and with the ingredients you have on hand to make delicious, healthy meals.

For all levels of cooks

Family Cooking Classes

A time for families to come together in JOY. Cook with your kids, relax into the kitchen and learn a new skill.

Virtual After School

Online classes designed for children to do independently WITHOUT their grown ups.

For children 5-18.

What People Are Saying

My whole family absolutely adored Kim's cooking classes.

My 2.5 yr old had a fantastic time and built the skills and confidence to go from being a distraction in the kitchen to being super helpful cutting up ingredients and following steps! And although I knew she would love the classes the even bigger surprise was my husband! Who is terrified of cooking and is usually super intimidated by classes and he could not stop talking about how much fun he had and how inspired he was. We really did connect over this experience and cannot recommend enough anything that Kim puts her heart and mind towards, it is guaranteed to be a success.

~Benedetta Piantella

My daughter almost automatically started eating better as she became more involved.

And one of the best things for me is that cooking has become easier as my skills have improved and we have scheduled our time better. 

~ Marjorie & Nate

A Message of Love and Connection

We understand that this unprecedented time of the COVID19 outbreak is laying heavy on people's hearts. We urge our community to root in connection even as we need to be isolated physically from one another.

We will be sharing support to stay healthy & in community via our weekly newsletter.

Please follow us and stay engaged via our virtual offerings. We must weather this together.