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What Is Food Sovereignty?

"Food sovereignty emphasizes ecologically appropriate production, distribution and consumption, social-economic justice and local food systems as ways to address food insecurity and guarantee sustainable food security for all peoples."

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At The Connected Chef, we recognize that immigrant, BIPOC communities have been historically and purposefully pushed out of the food system in the NYC.

We work intentionally to disrupt current systems of food production, distribution and consumption that are harmful to our community and our Planet.

We are focused on collaboratively creating new food systems, rooted in healing and community, that not only service immigrant BIPOC communities, but are developed and created from within.


A weekly, community-based grocery box available on a sliding scale to all Queens households.

Get Involved

Join the community effort to bring nutrient-dense groceries to every community in Queens, NY.

In The Kitchen

Get simple recipes and tip on how to utilize fresh, local ingredients with ease.

What People Are Saying

Volunteering every week has brought me to the same families and now I get a great big hello and smiles!!

Yesterday's experience was great! Starting to deliver to the same people so they are beginning to recognize me! I am so glad that I am able to help those in my own community.


It was great. Omar was very nice, organized and directive. Other volunteers were also very friendly. 

I helped prepare for the next week's packing by making boxes. The facility is completely outdoors and it was a beautiful day to do the work.

~ Euginia