New Traditions & Yule Holiday Celebration


This Winter season marks the celebration of YULE.

Yule is rooted in our connection to Mother Earth and her cycle.

Becoming familiar with Pagan traditions gives you an eye-opening view into the Earth’s cycles & seasons. Each holiday honors the stage in which the Earth is currently in, taking note of the season & lunar cycles and their effect on our land and crops. They honor all circles of life and allows us the space to look at our own growth and how it is relevant and connected the greater world.

The reconnection to our Earth and the creatures living here is vital to the progress of our society & the joy of our individual lives. It’s both intimate and grand.

What is Yule?

In short – The celebration of Winter Solstice.

The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of longer days to come.

During Summer Solstice we are in the longest day of the year. The sun hangs in the sky and gives us more light on that day than any other day of the year, but from that point on the days are getting shorter and shorter. The darkness is coming in.

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and the end of that move from lots of light to little light.

That means, it marks the BEGINNING.

The BEGINNING of the light coming back in.

From Winter Solstice on, the Sun will hang out in the sky a bit longer each day and slowly we will move toward much light.


So…What is Yule?

The celebration of this new light coming in our lives.

For many, it marks a new beginning, a rebirth…a fresh start.


It’s a wonderful holiday and can be acquired to mean so much for us personally.

For that reason, I’ve began a tradition in my home this year to celebrate the light to come.


I wanted to share this tradition with you —

The making of a Yule Log.


Traditionally making a Yule log consists of cutting & sawing wood and drilling hole. (You can read about the history and traditions of the Yule Log here.)

I, unfortunately don’t have the time or space for that. Here’s my lovely alternative…

Take a walk and let your kids collect All. The. Sticks.

If you’re like me, you regularly walk around with a stroller full of sticks, so this shouldn’t be hard.

Find 3 candles

They can be long and skinny, or short and wide. Traditionally, a green, red & white candle is used, but not necessary.

Find a flat surface in your home to keep the Yule Log

Talk to your kiddo(s) about the tradition of Yule and what it means. There are many great children’s books about the coming light.

Bundle the sticks together

You will want to take your string & tie the sticks together a bit on either end. This will stop them from just being a pile of sticks. 🙂

This is where you can be creative. You can bundle them tight or lay line them flat or a combination of the two.

Position your candles

Place your 3 candles on top or in front of the sticks and position to your liking.

You can stick them in between the sticks or just lay them on top.

Be Creative

Decorate the “log” with other festive things and arrange on or around the log (Christmas tree trimmings, pine cones, berries, ribbon, ect)


This celebration and tradition is really fun and a wonderful way to talk to kids about seasons, life cycles and our own desire to move inward in the Winter months.

I hope you enjoy it and it brings smiles and joy to your home this month.

With Love,

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