Cultivating conversation through food

Using food to have deeper conversations with your loved ones.

Kim Calichio-25

As with many tough conversations, food makes things a little easier to address. It eases our discomfort and insecurities and it creates a bridge between the now and more broad ideas.

Using food to bridge that gap and be the container for some more difficult conversations is a great way to feel more comfortable with being vulnerable and offering a new concept to your children.

Here’s how I create the container for deep connection through food:

Make sure you aren’t already multitasking

This will require all of your attention. That means you should NOT attempt this in the middle of the work/school week when there are a million of other things happening and that need to get done.

Be sure your mind is cleared. (I know...that’s WAY easier said than done)

Let go of expectations

The point of this space you’re creating is to CONNECT. Not to make your best dish. That means food is the medium and whatever gets on the plate is a plus.

This also means letting go of an expectation that things need to stay neat and clean. Again - the purpose is to focus on the conversation. This can be tricky, so lots of self-reminders will help. 🙂

Have a plan

Having a clear idea of what you want to express and get out of the conversation will free you up to focus on the cooking a bit more.

Having a clear idea of the SIMPLE RECIPE you will cook, will allow the food to flow easily and give you the space to talk about the topic you’d like to.

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And remember that this can apply to talking with your kids about their school grades, stuff with their friends, something that’s worrying you as their parent or anything in between.

It’s also a great way to talk with your partner or a friend/family member about something sticky.

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