Family Gardening 101: indoors or out

With the anticipation of Spring family gardening is a great way to breath life into your week.

In this blog, we talk about HOW to garden indoors or out using simple tools and container gardening, WHERE to get started and WHAT seeds to start planting first.

Spend time this week with your kids and teach them (& yourself) how to nurture something green. 

WHERE do you Plant?

If you have outdoor space, then take advantage of it! 

The front of our apartment was overgrown and dirty (we live on a highway!) 

what garden tools are good for kidsI invested $20 in a children’s garden tool set and we have been cleaning and weeding things out. 

IT IS SO FUN!  -- Way more fun than I anticipated.  Somedays, we only spend 30-45minutes out there, but the kids enjoy being in the dirt and my husband and I are happy for it too. 


It’s amazing what some nature can do for our well-being.

No outdoor space? - No problem!

If you don’t have space outdoors then you are not out of luck.

There are SO many fun things you can do with container gardening and many plants will do well in your NYC apartment.

Spend a rainy day painting and decorating some small or large clay pots with your kiddos. Paint, stickers or even marker are fast and easy ways to get creative.  

Then, plant in them!


Indoors or out, taking the time to nurture something & watch it grow is a beautiful thing.  

This is all new territory for many kids – Take the opportunity to explain how seeds grow and what plants need to survive.

If you don’t know yourself…google it with them (or get a book at the library)…and learn together.  

There’s nothing my son loves more than exploring new things and learning WITH me.

WHAT do you plant?

Anything you want really --  it’s not about whether the outcome is perfect.  It’s the process of doing it together that counts. (JUST LIKE COOKING)

Take this opportunity to introduce some new foods into your kids lives.  Instead of just plain, traditional basil, make it Sweet Thai Basil or Sacred Basil.  There are so many varieties of herbs for container gardening.  

Don’t forget teas too.  Plant some chamomile and enjoy the beautiful flowers, then dry it out and store it in an airtight container for tea in the warmer months.

Which SEEDS do you plant?

You can pick up some flower and herb seeds at many of your local florists or you can check out:

  • Vermont based company
  • All Organic/NonGMO seeds

  • Maine based company
  • Organic & non-Organic seeds.

Each of these sites are super easy and quick to navigate & have videos and growing instructions for all their items. 


I know what you’re thinking right about now…

Sounds nice, but this is another Pinterest type activity that I won’t actually get to.

So, here's your challenge…

  1. Click this link to & buy 1 (just ONE) packet of seeds, RIGHT NOW! It will cost you $5 and 5 minutes, just DO IT!
  2. Next time you go food shopping, buy eggs in a paper carton and save the container.
  3. Then when you get your seeds, plant a few seeds in each egg spot.
  4. When the plant gets some roots and start to sprout, you can cut each egg spot out and plant them in a pot, carton and all!


Once, you’ve placed your seed order, post a pic to

share this celebration with us!

@theconnectedchef #SeedingConnection

Let’s see what kind of new plants you guys are growing and send us updates as those suckers sprout!

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