Grounding in Nature

The cycles of nature are always constant, despite what is happening in our human world. Engaging with the season of time that we are in, be it Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall will allow us to connect with something larger than ourselves.  

Nature continues to keep moving. The buds on the trees will always sprout, the flowers will always bloom and the sun will always rise. Take solace in these aspects of our world right now. Connect with them and with their beauty. Allow the natural world to be your grounding force and draw from her energy and resilience. 

Here are a few ways to actively engage in nature both from your yard and inside your home or apartment. 

Morning Window Time

For those of us without personal outdoor space, you may find yourself with no choice but to be inside regularly. In this case, take time each morning, while you are drinking your tea or coffee, and just look out your window. 

Allow your mind to wander.                         

Observe any nature outside your window. Watch the birds and buds on the trees and move with the clouds in the sky. If you don’t have such a view, you can also use your other senses - smell and sound - to connect with what’s happening outside. Listen to the sounds of the birds, smell the air or feel the light from the sun. 

Set a timer for 5 minutes and do this daily. This grounding will help start your day off in connection.

Open Your Windows

This one goes hand and hand with window time, but allow your windows to stay open throughout the day. As the weather gets warmer, this will be easier to do. All the smells of the fresh air and the wind come into your living space. 

I do this for a minimum of 2 hours each day.

Get in the Dirt

If you have a personal outdoor space, this will be easier for you. Find a spot outside that you can dedicate to gardening in some way. 

If you have access to natural ground, then you can dig straight into the earth, planting flowers and food.

You can also give your kids their own dedicated dirt space to dig and play as they please. Don’t worry about them “ruining it” or digging up too much. It’s Earth and will grow back. Giving your kids space to just connect in this way will be calming and healing for them too.

If your outdoor space is more concrete or stone, then you can use recycled pots to do some growing. There is nothing more rewarding than planting something and watching it grow. And remember, even if you feel like you have a “black thumb” - DO IT ANYWAY. 

The goal is connection, not perfection.

Houseplants and Indoor Growing

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that many plants can survive inside and in limited conditions. Begin to learn the resilience of nature and surround yourself with more green inside. 

You can use recycled containers and potting soil to plant flower seeds or even food plants. Stick them near a window and water them regularly to make sure the soil stays moist.

There are SO many fun things you can do with container gardening and many plants will do well indoors.

Spend a day painting and decorating some small or large pots. Your kiddos can also paint, add stickers or even markers are fast and easy ways to get creative.  

Then, plant in them!

Indoors or out, taking the time with nature is naturally a comforting and grounding force for any natural being. Take some time to connect with this aspect of your humanity.

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