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The Connected Chef COVID-19 Top Tips

The Connected Chef community wants to keep you safe and well during the Covid-19 and beyond. Here are our top tips to keep you and your family safe!

1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds! Here’s a video so you can do it like a pro!

2. Wear a mask when you are outside your home. Here’s a video to make your own!

3. Wash down everything you bring into the house with disinfecting wipes or leave the items you brought into your home untouched for at least 24 hours before unpacking your bags. 

4. If you can’t wait to move your groceries, wipe down things that need to be refrigerated or frozen with a disinfecting wipe before putting them away.

5. Sleep well! People who sleep well have stronger immune systems, get sick less often and weigh less! 

6. Drink a lot of water, seltzer water, mineral water, green tea, and herbal teas. Fluids help your brain and body work well and help your blood to keep you healthy.

7. Manage your stress! Stress is an enemy to your health! Spend 10 minutes twice a day doing something just because it feels good: meditate, take a shower, listen to music, snuggle a pet or read a book. 

8. Indulge. It is OK to enjoy a treat sometimes. If you enjoy something like chips, cookies or ice cream, have a small portion and plan to enjoy it, as long as you are eating many healthy foods most of the time. It is a good idea to have a treat occasionally, but be careful not to have too much.

9. Eat fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables keep you healthy. They are the foods with the most important nutrition for health. Frozen and canned are both fine if you do not have fresh fruits and vegetables!

10. Stock up on these healthy foods and build meals and snacks around them:

  • Rice, oats, quinoa, rice cakes, fiber crackers, corn tortillas, whole grain pasta, whole grain cereals and grains that have 3 grams of fiber or more.
  • Beans, lentils, and peas. Canned and bags are both fine!
  • Fresh produce that lasts a long time: potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, garlic, ginger, carrots, apples, pears, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, bananas, and plantains
  • Frozen and canned produce: tomatoes, corn, peas, spinach, kale, corn, refried beans, artichokes, mango, berries, mixed vegetables, and vegetable medleys.
  • Meats and dairy that are vacuum-sealed and frozen have longer shelf life. Other good choices are eggs, milk, oat or almond milk, cheese, and yogurt.
  • Dried fruits and nuts are great for snacking and easy to portion ahead so you are not tempted to go overboard.
  • Spices of all kinds are good for your immune system. Limit salt and choose low sodium foods when possible, but enjoy all of the herbs and spices you can! Your immune system will thank you!


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