Please pull up a seat -

let’s connect over a hearty, slow cooked chili with fresh made salsa & tortilla chips...

...and chat about why The Connected Chef

is more - way more - than ‘just’ a cooking class!

At The Connected Chef, we work play with kids in our gardening and cooking classes so children embrace natural, healthy foods at a young age.

We also meet with families in our 1:1 program to help put the joy and ease back into mealtimes. Families are crazy busy - finding the time to shop, cook healthy meals, involve kids in meal prep, and sit down together to connect? Meal times end up being a harried, crazy time for so many families. And oh - the power struggles we endure with our finicky eaters.

But here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be that way and The Connected Chef is helping children and families connect over food through cooking & gardening together.

The results:

  • Kids are empowered to make independent & healthy food choices and they develop a natural respect for their environment and community.
  • Parents can take a breath and connect with their kids instead of engaging in the ever present struggle of mealtime.

The classes we offer at The Connected Chef are meant to connect the dots between you & your child, your community, and your environment.

Our Classes

All of our classes at The Connected Chef are based on method & techniques of cooking. No recipes - you won’t need them.

Our students of all ages learn the science behind cooking. We focus on the HOW and WHY, and we believe our children, no matter their age, can engage in this type of thinking.

We talk about flavor building & seasoning, use professional cooking methods, and see first hand how and where our food is grown. Our students gain a greater understanding of how food grows together and how flavors play on each other. They also get to experience the hard, but rewarding, work it takes to create something of your own. Our students learn to trust themselves in the kitchen and explore more creatively all our ingredients have to offer.

Our Philosophy

Food is the means by which we develop a more compassionate, connected society.

Cooking is central to life. It doesn’t just nourish our bodies... it nourishes our souls. Cooking provides a safe, open space for people to come together and connect - in that traditional way we’ve lost with our crazy-busy lives.

The Connected Chef gives you and your family a joyful way to connect with each other and the environment through food.

The Ripple Effect?

That means you and your children have MORE focused time together, as well as the skills to connect with your greater community, and our planet.

We believe connecting through food brings us greater environmental awareness and leads to conscious decisions about the foods we eat… and to support our rights to healthy food that is sustainable and ecologically sound.

Food is the medium and the ripple effect is a better society.

Start connecting with your family over a yummy meal!