Our Team

Sarah Rideout


Sarah is from Maine and her absolute favorite thing is to be outside enjoying nature, gardening, hiking, and especially spending time at the beach with her four daughters.

For the past couple of years, she has been enthusiastically supporting small business owners by streamlining their businesses through the use of systems and technology and providing caring support to their clients.

Sarah is our Client Care Specialist at The Connected Chef. She takes care of our clients with love and is the backbone to all of our programming.

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Calandra Martin


Calandra Martin helps visionary female entrepreneurs create magnetic, authentic brands that attract their dream clients with ease. She specializes in teaching women how to infuse their own personality and hearts into their work.

At The Connected Chef, Calandra is our social media and branding specialist. She makes sure that everything in our heads and hearts get to you!

Calandra ensures that the hard work happening at The Connected Chef is visible in the world so that we can continue to create community and connect with families everywhere.

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