Our Team

Ilsa Enomoto

Ilsa Photo

I’m Ilsa Enomoto, a lover of food, friend of the Earth, designer, a Master Composter, and a mother of a teenage artist. I’ve been cooking since I was a little kid and am lucky to have grown up in Hawaii where there are lots of different food cultures to explore. I love the way that food brings people together, either eating it or making it or even talking about it!

Other things I love are cats and most animals, crafting, composting, drawing, video games, and being outside!

Tracy Serdjenian

Tray Serdjenian

With a Masters in Social Work, Tracy has an extensive background in child welfare and advocacy work. She is also local to Astoria and continues to be a dedicated member of our community in the work that she does. Tracy brings a sweet and calm energy to our class and is just in love with all the kids she works with. Her passion for community and nature/food leads her sweet & calm energy in class. She is just in love with all the kids she works with and loves & embraces the controlled chaos that is a kids’ cooking class.

Maryann Fraser

Maryann 2

With a Bachelor's in Sociology, work in real estate and working for a Fortune 500 company for a number of years. Maryann has since transitioned to offering support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Maryann currently lives in Atlanta, GA and has a passion for food and living a holistic life. Maryann is in love with setting up programs that help the world in various ways.