This lentils and chicken dish is a super tasty and easy dinner dish. The best part of this meal is that it can all be cooked in one pot. One pot meals are super easy and are super flavorful because all of the ingredients cook and develop together. Also this one pot dish make for … Read more

Mix and Match Veggie Quesadillas

Mix and Match Veggie Quesadillas are a great way to incorporate all types of veggies into one meal. You can put anything you want inside, cheese, roasted veggies, beans, meat or any type of sauce. This recipe provides great suggestions for vegetarian filling but, feel free to add whatever you’d like! There are 3 main … Read more

Strawberry Orange Soup

Strawberry Orange Soup is a refreshing soup filled with fresh fruit and yogurt, making it the perfect healthy treat for summertime. Its based off of a puree which are a great way to add fruits and veggies into any meal. This recipe is super simple and a great way to get kids involved in cooking. … Read more

Cowboy Caviar

Cowboy Caviar is the perfect recipe for a sunny summer day or a barbecue with your family! Its a simple and delicious dip that combines flavorful vegetables with creamy avocado. This dip is so easy to make and can be eaten on anything, a taco, quesadilla, as a dip, or just with a spoon! Its … Read more