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So, I've finally decided that I'm going to do some writing. I've honestly been thinking about doing a blog for years. I envisioned it as a place I go to to journal, really. I can lament, celebrate and just get shit down on paper. There will be profanity, incomplete sentences and the occasional brain dump, but there will always be connection.  The goal is always a little inspiration and support for you, with a dash of laughter.

But as usual...No Recipe Required.

I hope you enjoy!

Shop and Eat Safely

May 18, 2020

The Connected Chef COVID-19 Top Tips The Connected Chef community wants to keep you safe and well during the Covid-19 and beyond. Here are our top tips to keep you and your family safe! 1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds! Here’s a video so you can do it like a pro! 2. … Read more

8 Tips to Garden on a Budget

April 16, 2020

Gardening is a perfect outdoor activity. It can be hard work, depending on what you start with, but think of it as your workout time. Other people go jogging. You get a shovel and start digging! The good news is there are ways to garden on a budget, but you have to be prepared to … Read more

Community Outreach During COVID19

April 13, 2020

Reaching out into our community to help and support others has a true healing benefit for us.  It allows us to get out of our head and into our heart.  In times when things are feeling hard and when we just simply feel out of control and unable to make a difference, it can be … Read more

Grounding in Nature

April 3, 2020

The cycles of nature are always constant, despite what is happening in our human world. Engaging with the season of time that we are in, be it Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall will allow us to connect with something larger than ourselves.   Nature continues to keep moving. The buds on the trees will always sprout, … Read more

Stuffed Acorn Squash

April 2, 2020

This is a great dish that can be adapted to whatever ingredients you have in the house. Grains can include rice, quinoa, couscous, farro or barley. Greens can include spinach, arugula, kale, fresh herbs. The important thing is that you enjoy making it as you go and it tastes delicious in the end! Stuffed Acorn … Read more

3 Ways To Manage Transitions In Your Life

March 10, 2020

As parents, we are often aware of how moving from one activity to another, or one stage in life to another can be really hard for our kids. We may give them lots of support in these times of transition and loads of extra love.  BUT WHAT ABOUT OURSELVES?  Transition periods can be hard for … Read more

Winter Activities

February 4, 2020

Winter is a time of the year when we are meant to move inward. Snuggle up inside, wear big cozy cloths, eat nourishing and fulfilling foods…Essentially – Be a bear.  That’s sometimes hard to do because of the constant demand for production that our world asks of us each day. You’re boss surely doesn’t care … Read more

Miso Soup Recipe in under 30 minutes

January 30, 2020

This Miso Soup recipe is seriously the fasted soup to make. You don’t even need pre-made broth to get a ton of flavor because the miso paste does it all for you. This miso soup is also great for freezing and saving for a rainy day. When I don’t feel like cooking, but want something … Read more

Family Gardening 101: indoors or out

January 21, 2020

With the anticipation of Spring family gardening is a great way to breath life into your week. In this blog, we talk about HOW to garden indoors or out using simple tools and container gardening, WHERE to get started and WHAT seeds to start planting first. Spend time this week with your kids and teach … Read more

A personal story on learning to cook on a budget

January 20, 2020

Last week I shared a story about my husband telling my kids about my chef superpower. In case you missed it, he said that I’m magical at making something amazing out of nothing.  I can look in the fridge and take a half head of cauliflower, onions, beans and potatoes and make a really yummy … Read more

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