A Solid Journey: One Month Session

Discover what foods to start your infant on and how to nurture healthy eating habits that will eliminate the toddler food struggle in the years to come.

This is a low cost, monthly workshop (virtual or in-person) for you to gain resources, support & tools while you navigate this new stage of parenting.

You can get your child transitioned to solids without all the fear and uncertainty and we will do it together – In community with other parents and with support from a professional.

Getting support early on to provide healthy options for your child will create a foundation of confidence, security & compromise around food.

This will ease the power struggle around food & eliminate the mealtime tantrums that so many parents struggle with as their kids become toddlers.

February 26 @ 11:00

11:00 am

– 9:45 am

(22h 45′)

Astoria, NY

Andrea Scannell, Kim Calichio

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