Kids DROP IN class – New Students

This kids drop in class option is available only to NEW students looking to make sure this class is for them.

  • During registration, select the class date and time you would like for your kids drop in class.

If you are looking to have your child join us and would like to ensure that a cooking and gardening class is right for them…come in for a single kids drop in class and check us out!

We know you will be hooked and we will be thrilled to have you and your child a part of our Connected Chef community.

AGE 4+:

Monday @ 3:15 – Raising Astoria

Wednesday @ 4:30 – Sunnyside Plays

Sunday @ 10am – Two Coves Garden


Wednesday @ 11:30 – Raising Astoria


The Connected Chef’s Cooking & Gardening Classes are the ultimate opportunity to provide kids space to explore where and how their food is grown and give them the skills to help in preparing healthy meals at home.

Children have the capability of doing more than we often give them credit for … when they’re given the chance to safely explore beyond their comfort zone they surprise themselves &  build both bravery and independence .


Here’s what goes on inside the program …



Gardening attaches and connects us to our planet in a way that many things cannot. It builds a foundation for a mindful & respectful life.

Children learn where their food comes from and all that goes into creating and producing the food they eat …  from the makeup of their soil to the energy required to power the delivery trucks.


Your child learns about:

  • Plant & garden life cycles
  • Soil testing & water cycles
  • Companion planting
  • Global warming and our effect on our environment
  • Which practices can positively and negatively affect our Earth
  • The interconnection and interdependency of species



We talk about the science behind food. WHY we are doing certain things. We don’t just cook to cook in class. We take very seriously our role in modeling good health and all classes are run with products that are natural — without chemicals — and locally sourced.


Your child learns to:

  • Cook, based on methods and techniques of cooking
  • Combine flavors based on how they react and interact with each other
  • Make healthy, balanced food choices
  • Choose foods that are natural and locally sourced
  • Safely use foundational knife skills
  • Appreciate cultures and the foods that connect people around the globe


Plus, your child gets to practice …

… cooperative skills & working as a team,

… fine motor skills, and

… math & science skills!

April 7 @ 00:00

12:00 am

– 1:00 am


Monday – Raising Astoria, Toddler Sensory – Raising Astoria, Wednesday – Sunnyside Plays

Kim Calichio

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