Let your kiddo cook dinner

(Yes, really!)

You’re a parent and parents want to help their children develop healthy eating habits and get the nutrition they need.

And so maybe you give your kiddo vitamins, but you still feel crummy when you feed them the same meal you did last night, or you heat up the frozen foods. Again.

You know the time to start helping your children develop a taste for healthy, nutritional foods has to start now, when they’re still young.

You know you’re missing a huge opportunity to instill a passion for good foods.

And when your hectic schedule interferes with something as important as a meal… the guilt simmers  ... bubbles … and eventually turns into a full boil of parent guilt -- like parents need one more thing to feel guilty about.

Here’s the good news: it’s not too late to turn that around.

kids cooking class sushi making

But how do you do that?

  • The power struggles at mealtimes are real.
  • You don’t really know how to teach your child to like … even prefer …  healthy foods.
  • You aren’t sure how a 4- or 5- year old could possibly help you prepare dinner … mixing brownie batter-- sure, but slicing cukes for the salad -- seriously!?
  • You just don’t have the time to help your kiddo learn how to help you in the kitchen … life as a parent is busy, chaotic & hard.

You know you should figure out how to get your little one to eat nutritiously.

But, it’s a hell of a lot easier to SAY than to do, isn’t it?

Food is the one thing kids have control over. 

As parents, it triggers us to the core to watch our kids not eat --  or eat the same ole crap.

It's the perfect storm for a power struggle.

Plus, it makes you feel like a crap parent when your kids eat pasta & cheese most days.

So you have two choices:

One, you can:

Keep on doing what you’re doing:

Fighting with your child at mealtimes … finally caving and serving the same ole, same ole (because at least he’ll eat that, and that’s better than nothing).

→ Worrying that your child will end up living a life of frozen meals and pre-packaged foods riddled with bad stuff (and feel like you failed your children).

Making the little bit of family time you have together contentious and stressful (when instead, it could be a time for you all to connect at the end of a crazy day).

Or ...

Two, you can:

Let your child learn to cook and garden with a master chef -- who’s also a mom of two young boys.

You mean... let someone ELSE teach my child how to cook … how to grow vegetables?

You mean... with a mom of little kids who KNOWS what kind of special hell mealtime is?

You mean... with a 5-star chef who loves teaching little kids to get dirty, play with worms, and make healthy food that my kid wants to eat?

Yes. That's it exactly!

Let this marinate in your mind:

  • You are excited because your kiddo is excited to eat healthy foods and try new flavors. It’s magical what happens when kids get to take part in the process.
  • Your little one actually helps and saves you time. You divide & conquer - you chop the onions, she’ll smash the garlic.
  • Cooking doesn’t feel like such a chore anymore -- what used to be dreadful dinner times are more enjoyable.
  • You’re raising a child who falls in love with cooking and gardening at a young age.
  • You can finally rest easy that your child is going to be okay. And you take some of those shoulds off your shoulder.

Your child will have a blast playing in the garden, growing natural foods, and cooking.

And here’s the best part.

We can make that happen. Together.


The Connected Chef’s Cooking & Gardening Program

Developed by

Kim Calichio, 5-star chef and mom of two young boys.

A program for kids from 4- to 12- years old

Where kids leave with an enthusiasm for

cooking, growing vegetables, & eating healthy foods.

Class times vary. Click the button for more details to enroll.

(And parents - you drop ‘em off and go!)

Maximum enrollment: 15 children - fills up quickly!

Starting at $205


The Connected Chef’s

Kids’ Cooking & Gardening Program

Children have the capability of doing more than we often give them credit for … when they’re given the chance to safely explore beyond their comfort zone they surprise themselves &  build both bravery and independence.

Here’s what goes on inside the program ...

kids gardening together


Gardening attaches and connects us to our planet in a way that many things cannot. It builds a foundation for a mindful & respectful life.

Children learn where their food comes from and all that goes into creating and producing the food they eat …  from the makeup of their soil to the energy required to power the delivery trucks.

Your child learns about:

  • Plant & garden life cycles
  • Soil testing & water cycles
  • Companion planting
  • Global warming and our effect on our environment
  • Which practices can positively and negatively affect our Earth
  • The interconnection and interdependency of species


We talk about the science behind food. WHY we are doing certain things. We don’t just cook to cook in class. We take very seriously our role in modeling good health and all classes are run with products that are natural -- without chemicals -- and locally sourced.

kids eating together

Your child learns to:

  • Cook, based on methods and techniques of cooking
  • Combine flavors based on how they react and interact with each other
  • Make healthy, balanced food choices
  • Choose foods that are natural and locally sourced
  • Safely use foundational knife skills
  • Appreciate cultures and the foods that connect people around the globe


Plus, your child gets to practice ...

… cooperative skills & working as a team,

… fine motor skills, and

… math & science skills!

My girls have always loved baking with me, but now they want to help me prep for cooking. And they have proper knife skills! I was impressed by what THEY taught ME -- they would come home excited and talking a wealth about what they were learning.

I love our hands on time together. And they ask me things like, “Mom, can I cut up this cuke and eat it with salad dressing?”  And after the class on salad dressing, they got interested in tasting spices, like cumin and cayenne! - Jaisy D.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 6.14.41 PM

"Consistency creates real progress in any goals we set out to achieve."

Consistency is why we have structured our Cooking & Gardening programs to offer Monthly Memberships to all students.

Our Monthly Memberships provide students with access to weekly cooking or cooking & gardening classes.

The Deets

This structure will provide your child with access to:

  • Our 1-1.5 hour weekly classes where kids get consistent exposure to whole foods and relative developmental skills
  • Opportunity for a strong and lasting foundation of healthy eating and independent choices.
  • Unlimited make ups with no expiration
  • Access to our Open Garden Hours in the Summer where they can come and go in the garden as they please. More access to green space for our kids is always a wonderful benefit. In these Open Hours, we do various activities and independent work with the children who attend.
  • Discounts to various camps and workshops outside of weekly classes
  • VIP access to participation in community demonstrations and events
  • Our bi-annual Student Celebration where the kids get to show off their skills and cook for their grown ups!

And at our student celebrations, each child gets a specially prepared

Personalized Chef Box


Cooking or gardening tool just right for little hands

apron from Kids Cooking Camp

Personalized apron

recipe book

Recipe book - filled with all the things we've cooked together over the months.

BONUS...  Parents - you will gain access to our private community of The Connected Chef Family!

This private community of other Connected Chef families will be where you can:

  • learn better ways to support you child in their culinary journey
  • gain tips for yourself in the kitchen
  • access to videos and tips from a professional chef
  • stay updated on the teachings from your kids' classes.




“When I saw how Kim was with kids and my son was drawn to her - he met her at his school and pretty much announced he was taking this cooking class. When I saw how she interacted with the kids I really liked her.” - Daniela F.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 6.01.32 PM

When my daughter was two-and-a-half, food was beginning to become a power struggle. The class helped her eat more healthy and expanded her palette. And the best part? She continues to eat healthier - it has sustained! She loves helping me in the kitchen. She keeps asking me, “When can we have another cooking class with Kim?” We took Kim’s class two years ago! - Anna S.

About Kim Calichio, The Connected Chef

To step back during class and let the kids do it all. To see their initial hesitation, followed by complete control over the situation and their giggles of excitement and surprise in themselves when it’s all happening …

I love working with kids hand in hand to share my passion for food and nature with them.

I’m a professional chef. I’ve trained with world-class chefs and worked in top NY restaurants. I live & breathe cooking - and because I have the expertise, I can focus my energies in class on helping your child love and delight in the fun of gardening, cooking, and eating wholesome foods.

I’m also a mom of 2 boys under 5. I know what it’s like to be in the trenches and deal with many of the same things you do at mealtime,  even though I’m a chef and this is what I teach.

My kids weren’t born loving lentils … and sometimes they refuse to eat veggies because they know that’s what’s important to me. I’ve learned how to dance the dance … to follow their lead so I can support them to grow into the thriving adults they're meant to be.


We can’t do everything ourselves.

I’d be honored to meet your little one and help them build a lifelong love of healthy eating.

Hope to see you there!

My daughter is empowered and I never knew how much she could do with proper support and instruction!  Like chopping! Or preparing garlic! Now that I’m at work full-time and she’s in school, with a long commute, there’s not much time before bed...it’s a nice way for us to spend time together and I don’t have to think of some busy activity for her to do while I make dinner - she can choose to help or not. - Anna S.

I didn’t know HOW to include my son in dinner prep and so I learned something too from Kim. Cooking together is a bonding time and it’s fun for him to eat what we make together. He’s more interested in eating it if he helps. He even gets my husband to be more open to healthy foods. He’ll say things like “Daddy try it! You might like it! … Here Daddy, try it…”

My son is actually a huge help -- it cuts down on the time I need to spend in the kitchen. And I have more nice, quick recipes and that makes my life easier. I’m really glad I enrolled him in the class -  It’s expanded his horizons and his willingness to try new things is HUGE.  - Daniela F.

Some questions you might be wondering...

Healthy food fun and garden goodness are waiting for your child.

And easier mealtimes are just on the horizon for you.