Come see first hand how much you have to gain!

Cooking & Gardening Classes

Kids Cooking and Gardening Classes are a unique experience for NYC kids.

With consistent exposure and instruction, we guide your child through the systems of food

and aim to close the gap between how their food is grow & prepared.

With all the benefits of our kids cooking classes, plus so much more!

When children are given the chance to safely explore beyond their comfort zone they surprise themselves &  build both bravery and independence .

Our goal in cooking & gardening weekend classes?

Exposing kids to WHERE their food comes from & HOW it is prepared.

Your child will see first hand, the processes and hard work behind growing food and getting it to the plate.

The conceptual backbone of garden classes...


Your child will learn the in depth processes of composting and how it affects their greater community and world. They will problem solve various compost methods and learn the cycle of decomposition.

All of our students have an in depth understanding of HOW composting works and WHY it is so important.

 -- And playing with worms from our bins are always an added bonus 🙂

The garden's own little ecosystem!

Your child will have the opportunity to see life cycles on both the macro and micro level.

Through consistent weekly exposure, your child will observe the garden’s greater cycle of the seasons, as well as the small life cycles of individual plants and animals within this intimate ecosystem.

Children get to witness the diversity of life all around them.

Cooking with Your Senses

It all comes back to the kitchen. There is nothing more magical than your child seeing and taking part in the growth of their own food and then getting the chance to prepare and eat it too!

As the fruits and vegetables in their garden grow, your child will learn to take those ingredients and cook seasonally with them.

As always, the foundational skills of cooking are practiced weekly. Your kiddo will learn proper knife skills, flavor building & the science behind cooking.