The Connected Chef Mini Camp

Child working independently
kids cooking classes in the garden

Kids Mini Camps are a taste of all of our classes in one little package.

The benefit of our Mini Camp is the extended time that your child has with us.

This added time will give them the chance to explore beyond what they would typically get to in weekly classes.


Your child will spend their days:

  • exploring and identifying various plants
  • creating garden centered art projects
  • practicing their cooking techniques and food discovery.
  • Engaging in various workshops from outside artists in movement, construction, engineering, art, ect.

And guess what? …

Kids who grow up gardening are likely to become better problem solvers - a skill that helps them to excel both academically AND socially.

Cooking with your senses and without a recipe challenges children to learn flexibility and how to course-correct when something doesn’t go their way.

Mini Camp offers the opportunity for even more questions and discovery!

  • Cooking connects them to their peers. It teaches them the essence of teamwork and cooperation.
  • Gardening connects them to the Earth on such a grand level and teaches them the ultimate lessons of mindfulness.
  • Art connects them inward and allows them the freedom to express themselves and work their creative muscles.

All of our activities promote independence & self trust

allowing your child the space to listen to their intuition and trust themselves.

The day's activities

Child working independently

Kids' Gardening

Each day your child will experience gardening in a group setting. They will have the chance to freely explore the garden without an agenda each day. This will give the kids a chance to discover and explore based on their own curiosity and inquisition.

Throughout our time in the garden your child will learn what it means to tend to something and how important this gentle and caring process is to the life of their plants.

Kids will also learning the role soil plays in the garden. We will test the soil for various nutrients & learn about the role insects and worms play in the health of the soil.


Kids' Art

Aside from our main Gardening and Cooking components, your child will also have the opportunity to engage in garden related art projects.

These projects are exclusive to our mini camps and help to support the well rounded experience that your child will have.

Your child will use various mediums and tools to express their creative side all while learning a mindfulness for their surroundings.

kids cooking classes in the garden

 Kids' Cooking

There is nothing more magical than your child seeing and taking part in the growth of their own food and then getting the chance to prepare and eat it too!

Each day will include cooking in all of our mini camps.

Whether we are outside or indoors, there will be focus on the techniques and methods of cooking. Your kiddo will learn proper knife skills, flavor building & the science behind cooking.

Your child will leave with a strong foundation of flavor and texture profiles.

Mini Camp Details

Spring Break Camp Dates: 4/4 - 4/6

Time : 9am - 12pm

**We now have an afternoon extension available for working parents. See below for details!

Where:  The Connected Kitchen, 41-20 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside

  • If weather permits, we may take advantage of our community garden @ Two Coves Community Garden, Astoria. Details will be emailed to all participants.

Rate: $240

Drop in rates available as well!

Afternoon Extension: 12pm - 3pm

Our afternoon "Art Program" extension is an opportunity for children to continue their activities with us and after a group lunch together.

Children will stay with our instructor Luciana who is both a chef and local artist from Brooklyn.

Luciana will lead the kids through various art projects including recycled paper making and mixed media garden sketching!

Rate: $200 additional per child/week