Sensory Friendly Cooking Series for Children with Special Needs

If your child displays unique challenges in their day to day routines it is no surprise that there may be tension or frustration around eating and the kitchen as well. The good news is that the kitchen is actually the BEST place to begin to address these challenges.


The Connected Chef and Kate Libby, MPS have designed specialty, hand tailored cooking classes for your child.


By working with us in the kitchen, your child will have the unique opportunity to practice various cooking techniques and life skills that aide in their development and support their growing social interactions.

We believe that food & nature are a means by which all people naturally connect and thrive. Food breaks down barriers organically to allow individuals the chance to focus their attention and develop deep meaningful skills.


cooking with Emma



Clear expectations and instructions along side visual and verbal cues will allow your child to gain the clarity needed to explore food in a safe and predictable environment.



Our small, hand tailored cooking classes allow your child to work through SOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL aspects of their development.


Give your child the opportunity to:

  • Gain a greater sense of empathy by practicing to taking another's perspective
  • Learn in a safe space to slowly work through emerging feelings in social interactions.
  • Develop impulse control & focus
  • Learn through gentle encouragement and reminders/redirection to never give up and stay on task.

Your child will leave class glowing!

Ecstatic from the excitement and the fun of playing with ingredients and creating something of their own.


The healthy eating and newfound love of kitchen work is a side effect.

The muscle strengthening and coordination is an intentional skill developed by practicing tasks such as, mashing, peeling, cutting, and  squeezing.

What's included?

  • Individual Meet & Greet for each student to become familiar with the setting and the instructors
  • Four, 45 minute classes with content specially tailored to your child. (Every Wednesday 11/29-12/20, 5-6pm)
  • Schedule for each child to take home and practice their repetition.  
  • Personalized Chef Kit: includes a kitchen tool, recipe book & apron
  • Parental package: various worksheets and tips on how to support your child's kitchen exploration at home. And connect through food in your own space.

The Connected Chef works with families to use food as a way to connect with one another. We believe that the world’s problems are rooted in our continued disconnection with each other and for us, food is a medium to bring people together naturally. At The Connected Chef, we work with kids in our gardening and cooking classes, as well as with families on a individual basis to problem solve the struggles of parenthood and food. The results: Kids who feel empowered to make independent & healthy food choices and develop a natural respect for their environment and community; Parents who are able to take a breath and connect with their kids instead of engaging in the ever present struggle of mealtime.

Kate Libby received her Masters in Art Therapy & Creativity Development from Pratt Institute in 2012. With a passion for families, Kate has focused her work on supporting families and children to feel connected and build healthy communication skills through the use of creative expression and cooking. She specializes in working with children, teens and young adults on the autism spectrum and believes that experiential learning is vital to building confidence and gaining important life skills in a safe, nourishing environment. By combining her love of cooking, nature and the arts, Kate has developed an innovative, multi-modal approach to empowering individuals with autism to live fun, fulfilling and independent lives.