Cooking & Gardening Summer Program

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Imagine this...

Your child IN the garden connecting with nature & where their food grows,

Running through plants and trees filled with growing produce,

Exploring garden focused activities that challenge their mind & body,

...Caring for their friends and tending the garden.


This kids' summer camp is a chance for your child to gain some serious knowledge about how their food grows and how to prepare it. 

Your child will spend their days:

  • exploring and identifying various plants
  • creating garden centered art projects
  • practicing their cooking techniques and food discovery.
  • Engaging in various workshops from outside artists in movement, construction, engineering, art, ect.

And guess what? …

Kids who grow up gardening are likely to become better problem solvers - a skill that helps them to excel both academically AND socially.


Cooking with your senses and without a recipe challenges children to learn flexibility and how to course-correct when something doesn’t go their way.                                                                                              


The Connected Chef Summer Program

June 29th - Aug 7th  •  9am - 4pm

(Early drop off off and late pick up available)



Being a student in the NYC school system can be tough sometimes and Summer camp is a time for your child to explore and learn from their environment in a way they might not be able to during the school year.


The garden provides the ideal environment for inquisition and exploration.


-- These are the building blocks to an open minded and free thinker --


This Summer your child will:

have the opportunity to nurture these qualities all while they grow a connection & understanding to the food they eat.  

begin to build resilience and endurance in their problem solving muscles by utilizing Mother Nature’s many opportunities.

be intrigued and nurtured while creating an understanding for where their food comes from AND how they get it onto their table - and into their bellies!


These are the ROOTS of life-long healthy eating & a conscious citizen.


But it doesn’t stop there...

Food is the medium and there are infinite extensions to this work.

  • problem solving
  • exploration
  • sheer curiosity for the way nature works
  • A life long connection to their food and where it comes from



With us,  your child will be nurturing the practice of asking questions and finding their own answers.

What better way to do that work than immersed in nature?


Kids crave nature.


And YOU crave knowing that you’re raising a healthy, happy eater - a kid who understands where food comes from and LOVES eating healthy food choices that nourish them.



This Kids' Summer camp is for ages 4–12. There will be times when the kids will work together in a group and also be broken up into smaller cohorts based on their age. This will give kids the benefit of working with other children of various ages, while still providing the opportunity to focus and be challenged with material that is age appropriate.

Each Day at The Connected Chef Summer Program Includes...


Each day your child will experience gardening in both a community setting and small group settings. They will also have the chance to freely explore the garden without an agenda each day. This will give the kids a chance to discover and explore based on their own curiosity and inquisition.

Throughout our time in the garden students will learn the life cycle of the garden. We will move through how to care for a garden and how plants grow. This process will begin with an understanding of tending. Your child will learn what it means to tend to something and how important this gentle and caring process is to the life of their plants.

Kids will continue with learning the role soil plays in the garden. We will test the soil for various nutrients & learn about the role insects and worms play in the health of the soil.

Your child will get practice charting out the nutrients we find in the soil & learning how to fix nutrient lacking soil.


Cooking based on the senses is the core of our cooking classes with The Connected Chef. Your child will learn what it means to cook with their senses and based on their intuition versus only following a recipe. Each child will begin cooking classes by learning basic knife skills and safety and will continue to practice those skills throughout our time together. We will focus on various methods of cooking from building flavor to marinating and searing. Cooking classes will be both in large groups as a community and in small focused groups based no age. Depending on the dish we create that day will depend on our group size.

Serving will also be a focus of our cooking classes and children will be required to clean up their stations and serve their friends what they have created. But, one of the most fun parts of camp will be the children’s ability to harvest the food from the garden and use those ingredients in our cooking classes.


Aside from our main Gardening and Cooking components, your child will also have the opportunity to engage in specialty workshops during their time at camp.

We will have various special guests who are experts in their field lead the children in workshops with kids as a community and in smaller, age appropriate groups. Workshops will vary from day to day and will all be taught by certified and professional educators.

Workshops will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Art
  • Construction (wood working)
  • Composting
  • Beekeeping
  • Engineering
  • Movement

"The Connected Chef Cooking & Gardening Program is everything you have been looking for in a summer program. These activities and the sheer ability for your child to learn to work in a group setting with others of different ages will keep them engaged, focused and wanting more."

Spots are limited due to class and garden size, so please register now.

Bonus Take Away: 

Every participant in The Connected Chef Summer Program will go home with a Custom Chef Kit that includes:

  • Personalized Connected Chef apron
  • Gardening Tool
  • Cooking Tool
  • Printed Recipe Book
  • Option of a Professional Photo book of pictures taking during our time together. All photos are taken by Tangy Sweet Photography and are compiled into a bound book for you to look at for years to come.

The Deets


Summer Camp Dates:

6/29 - 8/7, 9am - 4pm (8am - 5pm with extension)

Where:  Steinway Reform Church

Rate: Each family has the choice to sign up for any 2 or more weeks that suit your schedule. (2 week minimum)

Late pick-up extension until 5pm available upon request