Cooking & Gardening Summer Camp

An outdoor experience that cultivates community and connection for every child

This 6-week, outdoor camp is rooted in healthy eating, nature and community with experiences that will encourage critical thinking and creativity in your child age 4 - 12 years old. 

Give your kid the chance to have a childhood experience that many city kids never get.


...and so much more...

Give your children the unique gift of spending their days outdoors, surrounded by nature while still knowing they're close to home. (1)

An unforgettable day of discovery & learning!

Through the garden and kitchen, your child will participate in daily lessons rooted in science and community building, while cultivating their creativity and imagination.

Robotics & Engineering.

These daily and specially curated lessons are developed and facilitated by our experienced and trained staff to suit each age cohort. 

Making garden robots to help turn the soil

Creating their own bird houses out of reusable garden materials

Creating their very own MUD PIT

These are just some of the activities your child will do this year!

Your child will cultivate a connection between what they eat and where it comes from.


Our spacious kitchen and garden space is sure to engage even the most reluctant cooks.

They will come home with a wealth of knowledge about where their food comes from, new dishes that they've learned how to make and even a new desire to help you in the kitchen.

(Don't say we never warned you!)

Your child will spend their time:

Exploring and identifying various plants.

Creating garden centered projects.

Practicing their cooking techniques and food discovery.

Engaging in various workshops from outside artists in movement, construction, engineering, art and more.

Learning how food is grown and cooking meals from the bounty of our garden will nurture your child towards a life of healthy eating and mindful living.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Your child is part of a compassionate community, caring for their peers and environment.


This safe & welcoming environment will encourage even the shiest child out of their shell, but in a way that feels comfortable.

While, our structured & focus activities will provide a chance for energetic children to express themselves and discover their environment.

By focusing on community in its various forms, your child will: 

  • develop a strong sense of teamwork
  • practice compassionate problem solving
  • become comfortable with failure and learning to persevere when things feel tough
  • care for their peers and the land they are on
  • build and create meals and projects that are beneficial to their environment and community. 
  • use creativity and problem solving skills to ask questions and find their own solutions.

These are the ROOTS of life-long healthy eating & a conscious citizenship.

The garden provides the ideal environment for this learning and exploration.

Your child's day at camp

Cohorts & various age groups:

Children in our Summer camp range from age 4 - 12 years old. By having children together in such a large age group and within a nurturing environment, younger kids learn from their older peers through observation, while older children are pushed to stay childish and playful by their younger peers. 

During our focused activities, campers are broken up into smaller, age-based cohorts, challenging them with age-appropriate material.

Morning meditation & gathering:

Part of what makes our camp unique is our ability to adjust to the interests of the children and how they experience the garden in that week. This all begins with with our morning meeting!

Focused Activities:

Our daily, focused activities are the chance for your child to find what they love & learn more deeply about the inner workings of their world in a structured and systematic way.

Planting and tending for their vegetable garden.


The Connected Chef provides a healthy morning and afternoon snack for your child each day.

A typical Connected Chef snack includes a choice of fresh fruit, hummus, crackers, yogurt, cheese sticks, nut or seed butter or dried fruit. 

Snack will accommodate any allergies or food aversions that are reported.

Free Time:

These times during camp are meant to push your child to engage without direct instruction from an adult. Allowing your child to practice learning how to pause, relax & make their own fun.



Lessons that could never have been planned by a grown-up are regularly provided by allowing your child to lead in their own discoveries while taking ownership over their experience.



This time has been used by children in the following ways: 

  • Fort building
  • Talent shows
  • Making tree swings
  • Playing games like Red Rover, Red Rover
  • Reading & Sewing


The message of community is strengthened and rooted in lunchtime. 

Lunch is always eaten together as a group either indoors or outside as a picnic in the garden. This is also a time for your child to pause, relax and retreat from the business of their day. 

Each child is to bring a packed brown bag lunch each day. 

The Connected Chef staff does not reheat food for your child, so please pack your child’s lunch in a thermos or with appropriate ice packs. 

End of day Dance Party:

Our end of day ritual of homemade ice pops and dancing finishes off each campers day with a smile and a refreshing energy booster. Your child will be expelling a LOT of energy throughout the day and having a fun and light way to end as a group is needed!

Ice pops are made during our cooking activities and are always sweetened naturally, if at all. 

Topics of focus will include:

  • Ecosystems & the garden
  • Cooking with your senses in the kitchen  
  • Robotics & Engineering
  • Garden construction
  • Nature related art projects (paint, sculpting, collage)

Here are the details...

Time, location, pricing

Our campers are immersed in the life of the garden and the community of their camp experience. Every aspect of their day contributes to their growth in a major way.

Summer Camp Dates:

6/29 - 8/7, 9am - 4pm 

Extended Day available upon request, 8am - 5pm

Where:  Steinway Reform Church, Astoria, NY

At The Connected Chef Cooking & Gardening Camp, your child will be nurturing the practice of asking questions and finding their own answers.

What better way to do that work than immersed in nature. 

Kids crave nature.

And YOU crave knowing that you’re raising a healthy, happy eater - a kid who understands where their food comes from and loves making healthy food choices that nourish them.

Join us this Summer for our outdoor, fully immersive, gardening and cooking camp.

How to Register

Select your weeks

Due to the unique structure & highly immersive nature of this camp experience, we have found that all children require some time to adjust and get acclimated to the flow and day. 

Because of this observation, we highly recommend that children register for 2 consecutive weeks at a time to give them the most immersive and magical experience. 

While 2 consecutive weeks is recommended, we understand scheduling can be an issue. Please reach out to us is you have scheduling issues or questions. 

Full Tuition or Sliding Scale?

We are excited to be able to offer sliding scale tuition for family this year. If you are looking to apply for a sliding scale, please select the "Apply for sliding scale" button below.

Sliding scale Applicants are required to pay a $75 registration fee. This fee will be applied to your tuition rate once approved.

Each family is required to provide a $300 deposit to hold their spot for camp + $75 registration fee per family.

Deposits & registration fees are non-refundable, but do apply toward your tuition balance.

Once your registration is complete, all tuition is paid on a 6 month payment plan.

Extended plans are available upon request.

Pay in Full option is available.

Payment Plan begins 30 days from time of registration

In April, your family will receive confirmation of details, as well as the date and time of our Camp Orientation in June.


This Summer you will have the piece of mind that you’re providing your child with the best Summer experience available.

One that will allow them to freely be a kid, while nurturing community and exploration at every turn.

Full Tuition Pricing

Cost: $900/week per camper

There is an 8% sibling discount for families who pay full tuition

$300 deposit + $75 registration fee due at the time of registration. 

Deposit & Registration fee are non-refundable

Tuition payment plan will commence 30 days from registration. Extended payment plan available upon request. 

Sliding Scale Pricing

We are excited to have the opportunity to offer sliding scale tuition to families who need it this year. 

Tution for the sliding scale ranges from $600/week to $900/week. 

Families applying for sliding scale tuition do not receive an additional sibling discount as this is calculated into the sliding scale.

The Connected Chef sliding scale is an income-based adjustment of tuition for families. All families must apply for sliding scale tuition and complete an application that asks for the number of members in their household & yearly household income.

The Sliding Scale is calculated based on the combined income of your family as is relates to the 2019 NYC AMI (Average Median Income) and provides a discounted price off of your family’s weekly tuition. 


All families are required to complete an application and pay a $75 non-refundable registration fee at the time of your application. This fee will be applied to your tuition if you are approved for reduced tuition.

(Please note that proof of income will be requested when applying for sliding scale tuition. )

Once your application is received, you will be notified of your tuition rate within 5 business days. 

At that time, you will have the option of registering your child(ren) by selecting your camp weeks & leaving a $300 deposit. 

Once your deposit is received, your family’s registration will be complete.

You will then be emailed a registration confirmation with the details of your camp experience.

Payment plan will commence 30 days from registration.


"The Connected Chef Cooking & Gardening Program is everything you have been looking for in a summer program. These activities and the sheer ability for your child to learn to work in a group setting with others of different ages will keep them engaged, focused and wanting more."

Summers as a NYC parent can be hard when you want to provide your child with a classic Summer experience filled with enrichment and fun.

The Connected Chef cooking and gardening camp experience will provide a safe and nurturing space for your child to play, create and explore. 

-- All while learning about their natural world and their community. --


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