Online Adult Cooking Programs

Our One-hour, online adult cooking classes focus on teaching you to cook healthy and simple meals with ingredients that are available to you.

We understand the challenges that working parents face when it comes to getting healthy meals on the table.

  • Finding the time to cook
  • Incorporating your kids into the mix
  • Using affordable ingredients that you have access too

Check out our class options below to begin to cook with your senses and without a recipe!

Virtual Dinner Party

Join us every Wednesday at 6:00pm for this FREE gathering. This is not a cooking class and simply a way to stay connected.


The dinner party is facilitated by Kim Calichio, professional chef & owner of The Connected Chef. You will have access to Kim’s cooking and meal prep knowledge and can ask any and all questions you may have that will make your day feel more grounded and simple.

Come and cook together and be in community!

Note: While this offering is geared towards adults, we understand that many of us now have kids at home all the time. Please don't let your children stop you from join us and gathering in community!

Virtual Adult Cooking Classes

The more comfortable you feel cooking ANYTHING the more control you will have over your situation, whatever that may be. 

These virtual cooking classes are meant to provide you with some sense of control over your time right now by giving you the skills and knowledge to cook with whatever you have access to.

We will utilize minimal ingredients and make multiple dishes from the same ingredients. For those of us with variant access to resources, these classes will address the growing need to substitute ingredients. 


Think - Come to a cooking class with whatever you have and finish with a meal that you can make again & that will last you.

We have been teaching people to cook with their senses and without a recipe for years. Now is the time to put it to action. 

By focusing on getting comfortable in the kitchen and learning the methods of cooking, you will have the skills and confidence to cook in such uncertain times. 

Virtual Family Cooking Classes

Let’s be real...

We are finding ourselves in close quarters with our family while still having to work, provide meals and now teach our children throughout the day. This is a lot of pressure!

During each family cooking class, we will make a very simple recipe that requires minimal ingredients. Options for ingredient substitutes will be available based on each family's needs. 

The wonderful thing about learning to cook with your senses is that you don’t need certain ingredients. 

These cooking classes are designed to provide a space for your family to come together in this time to connect, make a simple recipe & feel stimulated and joyful.

Parents will recieve...

All classes will teach parents to cook with your children in the kitchen.

You will come away more comfortable and confident to cook with whatever ingredients you have access to at the time.

You will learn how to incorporate your children in the process and teach them the skills they need to support their at-home learning.

Kids will recieve...

All classes include learning opportunities for your child during class and activities to do independently between classes.

  • science
  • math
  • reading and writing

They will learn to cook with you and will become a helping hand in the kitchen. 

All virtual family classes include literacy materials & art activities to use on your own time that will support you and your child in this time.

Details for all virtual cooking classes

Low Cost Classes:

We have reduce our class prices to ensure that all people have access to support during this time.

Ingredients :

Your recipe & ingredients list will be sent out upon registration.

The ingredients list is flexible. If you don't have all ingredients, that's ok! We include a list of substitutes & we will adjust IN the class with what you have. 

Do not let ingredient access stop you and overwhelm you here. We promise that you will be able to make a dish with what you have.

Joining a Virtual Class :

1. Your link to join class will be emailed to you 30 minutes before class.

2. Be sure to have the Zoom app downloaded onto your device.

3. At the time of your class, click your class link to log in & get cooking.