Mealtime Restructured : transforming your family's relationship with food

  • Do you find yourself making food choices for your family that are not ideal or not in alignment with what you value?

  • Does managing your time around shopping, preparing and making meals for your family not come easy?

  • Does feeling relaxed and REALLY present with your family not happen often enough?

I can TOTALLY relate to you.

As a mom of 2 little ones under four, I know how being a parent and responsible for the well being of another human can be MORE than exhausting. The last thing I have time for most days is, “What will we eat?” because we all know how easily the day is taken over by the little things.

In an instant we feel overwhelmed with everything we want to do and everything we need to do to give our kids the kind of healthy, happy, thriving experiences we have in mind.

My background as a restaurant chef had me working a very physically demanding job -- 80 hours a week on 4 hours of sleep.  It turns out...



It simply cannot be done without support.

That is why I’ve created this program!

For anyone who feels that they are just making it when it comes to mealtime.

  • I can help you feel more relaxed about food for your family
  • I can give you the tools and support to get to a place where you're REALLY present with your family around food
  • I can help you find ways to make the role of food more enjoyable, rather than frustrating.

Here's how you're going to start feeling more relaxed and connected:

  • Get crystal clear about what it is that's standing in your way of making food choices that are aligned with your values and ideals
  • Learn how to manage your time to make space for your weekly tasks. Embrace the open time you do have, without sacrifice, instead of feeling obligated to get something else on your To Do list done.
  • Cook without it feeling like a chore ~ In fact, you might get excited about how satisfying and enjoyable it is.
  • Involve your kids in the process in a way that FEELS good and doesn't make you want to pull out your hair.
  • Create a structure to erase some of the tension in your life surrounding food and find satisfaction in the process so that you can feel more connected with your family.
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The goal is that they eat well, but at this young age, the most important thing is that your kids have positive associations with healthy food. As young as 3, they can get excited to help pick out food at the market and be focused and confident helping you prepare veggies in the kitchen.

THOSE POSITIVE FEELINGS surrounding food will be what makes your child a healthy, adventurous eater as an adolescent and adult.

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Make a change and step into your power in the kitchen.

Here's the support & tools I'll be providing you:

My commitment to you:

  • Five 1 on 1 Sessions to create a family structure that will leave you feeling lighter and more connected in your day to day life
  • 1 Private, 2 hour cooking class with you and your partner
  • 1 Private, 2 hour Family cooking class
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • “Notes & Recipe” binder for you to keep and reference at any time
  • Option for private Phone support

Week 1: Identify your Ideals

Talk in depth about what's blocking you from reaching your ideal around food. (Efficient shopping, time management, organization)

Week 2: Structure & Schedule

  • Nail down a strategy to overcome what's stopping you!
  • Start a weekly meal plan

Week 3: Parent Cooking Class

  • Begin to approach cooking from a new perspective.
  • Start your foundation of technique & method centered skills

Week 4: Family Cooking Class

  • Incorporate your kids into the process
  • Learn what your kids CAN do in the kitchen

Unlimited email support during program.  Discounted follow up session available when purchased prior to programs completion.

"My daughter almost automatically started eating better as she became more involved. And one of the best things for me is that cooking has become easier as my skills have improved and we have scheduled our time better."  ~ Marjorie Naidich (Family Series 2016)


"I didn't realize how I was making cooking a time that required my kid to be engaged in something else, just so I could get things done. Now our focused together time INCLUDES cooking. She has become SO much more adventurous of an eater, has a working understanding of nutrients in food, and felt so proud of her independence and capabilities."                   ~ Anna Sobel & Emma Mudrick (Family Series 2016)

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Healthy dinner is more than just knowing how to cook!


Planning is 75% of the battle of getting healthy meals on the table.


Find out how The Connected Chef meal plans.

Your Meal Plan Template and Meal Options List is on the way!