About Kim Calichio

Mixing motherhood and cooking was never the plan … but somehow I got there. Here’s my story...


Beautiful Environment with Shitty Food

Being surrounded by beautiful, fresh oceans did not translate to deliciousness in my belly. Growing up on Long Island meant typical, uninteresting (and unhealthy) American food … and I was not impressed. I didn’t realize it then, but I was mindful about the food I ate from a very young age. If no one was going to make it for me, I’d have to do it myself.

The Taste

Eating was always central to my life, although cooking was not. Five am mornings working at a bagel store was where I got a feel for what the food service industry is like. Fast paced. Busy. Laughter. I felt alive. But, I eventually left the bagel store, got a “real” job running a medical office and went to college for my BA in Psychology.

The Passion

During college, I began spending a lot more of my time at home cooking. Cutting vegetables was therapeutic. Experimenting with new flavors and techniques was exciting. The final product was my creative expression. There was no turning back … a love affair was blossoming.

If you don’t ask, the answer is always “no”

After graduating with a BA in Psychology, I walked into a waterside restaurant. With no actual kitchen experience, I was given a shot at a kitchen job. I worked all day & night and fell head over heals in LOVE .  Within a year, I went from no experience to running not only the kitchen, but entire restaurant. I wanted more.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

I scored myself a trial run at David Burke & Donatella on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As always, I busted my ass, paid attention and moved fast. This was what I worked so hard for and I didn’t stop. In just 6 months, David Burke offered me a Sous chef position. A position people work years towards and STILL never achieved was mine for the taking.

Make It Happen

In the couple years to follow, I perfected my approach to food, my ability to efficiently manage a kitchen and the confidence in myself to achieve anything at an unstoppable rate. When faced with a challenge, I’d “make it happen”. And there were plenty of challenges with running a busy, fine dining restaurant.

Motherhood is a Bitch

My last months in the kitchen involved a big belly and rolling pasta. I was convinced that, despite having a baby, I’d be back back in the kitchen without skipping a beat in a matter of months. Boy was I wrong!

I went from a fast paced, hard, bad ass girl thriving in a world of men to a sobbing, lonely, lost woman with a person to care for. Everything I knew about functioning in the world stopped working. I left the restaurant world I loved so much and stayed home with my sweet boy.

The Struggle

After I came out of my post partum fog, I began to realize the struggles other families were having.

They involved food; Cooking it, buying it, feeding it to their new babies, eating it with their partners.

Why Don’t Families Eat Together Anymore?

Because life is fucking hard, that’s why.

It’s a sad fact that many families in America today just don’t feel like they can enjoy their mealtime together. My take? Whether that’s with family or friends, food is meant to be enjoyed with others. It’s just better that way.

We don’t have to settle

We will not accept that eating healthy isn’t possible in today’s world.

We will not accept that we need to sacrifice the connection of our family for our sanity.

We will not accept that living a green life is just too expensive and unattainable for the everyday family.

And neither should you.

The Ripple Effect

Not accepting this life means our ability to connect and laugh with our family, enjoy our evenings home after a long day of work, feel strong in our bodies and minds because the food we eat is healthy and nourishing.

The side effect for your children means they get the one thing they crave most in the world…a strong connection to their parents. They get to feel independent and confident in their food choices. Your child will begin to develop a lifelong relationship with food that will leave them with an unwavering respect for their planet and the people around them.

Your New Approach Starts Now

You’re not stuck in this life, just like I wasn’t.

The Connected Chef offers clients a chance to learn to connect with their family and with their environment through food. Using food as a medium to improve lives.

Take the first small step towards a life of connection and yummy food!

Here are 4 steps to cooking quick & healthy meals with your kids