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The Connected Chef CSA

We are now offering an subscription-based grocery package to bring fresh, local ingredients to your door.

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Local Quality Ingredients

Proceeds go to Lifeline Groceries


In an effort to strengthen our community’s food supply and ensure that all Queens residents have access to local, nutrient-dense groceries...

This grocery package is open to all Queens residents regardless of income.

Order in 3 easy steps:

1. Sign up weekly at the price that suits you. (cancel anytime)

2. Select home delivery or pick up at your local neighborhood pick up spot

3. Add on some items from local business!

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**Delivery available in *most* Queens zip codes!**

          When selecting pick up please note Astoria Food Pantry or Lifeline LIC

Our Pricing Model

We believe that everyone deserves quality food. Healthy food is a right.

In an effort to make sure this box is accessible to all Queen’s residents regardless of income, we have instituted a tiered pricing option.

Please select the payment option that best suits your household. No questions asked.

If you opt for a larger tier, that payment will help offset the costs of other community-based boxes.

Tier 1: $20/week
Tier 2: $35/week
Tier 3: $49/week

All boxes are subscription based.

Change - Pause - Cancel the frequency of your subscription at any time

What's Inside?

Majority of groceries are sourced from local farms within 2 hours of NYC.

We will take care of curating the box ingredients for you and ensuring that you are given a variety of ingredients that continue to be local and seasonal.

Base Box Ingredients Includes:
6-7 varieties of fresh veggies
2-3 varieties of fresh fruits
1 pound grains (pasta or rice or oats)
1 pound legumes (lentils or bean variety)

*20 - 25 lb. of food in each base box*

If you would like a half box please make a note in your order.

As chefs and parents, we understand what is easy to make and what ingredients are versatile. We guarantee that each week your box will include a variety of ingredients that you can mix and match for your weekly meals.

Add-Ons Available

Additional high-quality items and products available from Queens business.  Click here for details.

You will receive a weekly email letting you know what you will be getting in your week's box. This will also be your chance to add on any items to your order.

All grocery packages will be delivered or available for pickup from 3-5 PM each Friday. Delivery is between 1-7 PM and you will receive an email the day prior letting you know of your window.

Pick Up Locations

1. The Connected Chef: 49-09 5th street, LIC, New York 11101

2. Astoria Food Pantry: 28-14 Steinway Street Astoria, NY 11103

Our Community Guarantee

We guarantee that this program will be 100% community-based.

From the food we source, the employees we hire, and the businesses we partner with.

This CSA Package will maintain relationships that support the regular, every-day people of Queens, NY. We promise to put BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and women-owned businesses at the forefront and will strive to ensure that this grocery package continues to get into the hands of all Queens residents, regardless of income, race, and immigration status.

Each grocery package is a basic box of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains sourced from local farms in NY, NJ, PA. We work to maintain relationships with small farmers in close proximity to NYC to ensure we are giving back and supporting our local agricultural economy.

All staff hired to pack groceries are Queens residents and all businesses offering add-on items are Queens businesses.

Additionally, any proceeds from the boxes will go straight back into our Lifeline Grocery Program to eliminate food insecurity in Queens' communities that continue to be disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

CSA Box Vertical

Your purchase will directly support our Queens community.

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Order Pickup

**Delivery available in *most* Queens zip codes!**

          When selecting pick up please note Astoria Food Pantry or Lifeline LIC

Add On Details

Additional Produce Options

Lemons - 3 for $2
Lemons - 3 for $2
Fresh Herbs - $1.25/bunch
Fresh Herbs - $1.25/bunch
Limes - 5 for $2
Limes - 5 for $2

Local Milk Options

ronnybrook milk

Half Gallon - $4.50

"Ronnybrook Farms is located in the Hudson Valley and are committed to providing a local source of fresh minimally processed all natural dairy products wrapped up in an overriding commitment to the humane treatment of animals.

Ronnybrook welcomes visitors to see how their cows are cared for and to experience the green rolling pasture of the Hudson Valley. Visitors can tour the barn where "the ladies" spend much of their time during the cold northeast winter months."

almond milk

32 fl. oz. - $4.50

Elmhurst is a local company based in NY. Previously a family business that closed in 2016 and then reopened in 2017 to offer plant based milks. Elmhurst is dedicated to sustainable methods of processing their plant based milks.

oat milk

32 fl. oz. - $6.50

Elmhurst is a local company based in NY. Previously a family business that closed in 2016 and then reopened in 2017 to offer plant based milks. Elmhurst is dedicated to sustainable methods of processing their plant based milks.


Sustainably sourced coffee – roasted with wood.Based in the Astoria, Queens neighborhood of New York City, Mighty Oak operates the only wood fired coffee roaster in the New York area and one of only a handful in the country. Roasting coffee with wood creates a complex, full-bodied profile while still allowing the origin flavors to shine through. Offering mainstay blends and a seasonal menu of single origins, they source coffees from around the globe with a focus on environmental and social sustainability.

House Blend, 12oz. - $16


Good balance and body paired with subtle spice and red fruit notes make this blend of seasonally available Colombian and Costa Rican coffees an excellent drip offering for everyday coffee drinkers and enthusiasts alike.

Jose Ovidio Rojas Cruz, 12 oz. - $18


Earlier this year our head roaster and green buyer was invited to judge the Best of Cauca competition hosted by Coffee for Peace, which works with the support of the FNC and USAID to provide a stable, safe income to farmers through specialty coffee. This lot placed 5th overall out of hundreds submitted, and we were lucky
enough to bring it home!

Plaza Meat Market of Astoria

Plaza Meat Market is a Greek owned and operated butcher located in Astoria, Queens. They purchase their poultry & other meats from a variety of local farmers from the Hudson Valley, NY. Items available through our community based grocery box includes chicken, pork skewers and eggs.

Organic Eggs, 1 dozen - $3.50


Organic Whole Chicken, approx. 3.5 lb. - $12.50

whole chicken
D Artagnan Logo 2015_CMYK_large-page-001

We believe food raised right tastes better. Before such buzz words existed, and for more than 35 years, D’Artagnan has been committed to free-range, natural production and sustainable, humane farming practices. We partner with small farms and ranches that have the strictest standards; to never use added antibiotics or hormones, and sign affidavits to that effect.

We support these methods so that we can offer you the best-tasting, conscientiously raised meat possible. We are passionate about quality from the farm to your fork, which is why our products hold pride of place in professional and home kitchens alike.

skirt steak

Our Grass-fed beef is from vintage cows that are 100% grass-fed, and sustainably raised with minimum human interaction. Full beef flavor.

  • 100% grass-fed beef – no grains, ever
  • Vintage beef – aged at least 5 years on the hoof
  • Certified Humane
  • 100% lamb with sheep casing
  • Pork free
  • No antibiotics, no hormones

Astor Apiaries is an urban honey bee farm based in New York City run by Master Beekeeper, Nick Hoefly and Ashley Hoefly. We produce local NYC Raw Honey and put quality over quantity, only harvesting surplus honey while leaving the bees with plenty of honey for their own consumption. We always work toward sustainable and regenerative beekeeping by keeping and breeding healthy bees acclimated to our climate. We also curate a line of exceptional honey from different regions in the US that is produced by beekeepers as passionate about their bees as we are of ours. Astor Apiaries honey is always real, pure, unadulterated honey responsibly harvested from happy healthy hives.

Grass-Fed Beef, Skirt Steak, 1 - 1.5 lb. - $18


Merguez Lamb Sausage, 1 pack (8.5 oz.) - $11

Blueberry Blossom Raw Honey, 8oz. - $12

Blueberry honey together

This light amber honey has a full-bodied flavor with a hint of fruitiness. This honey is made from bees that have primarily harvested the pollen from fragrant blueberry blossoms. It is not blueberry flavored, but an echo of the blossoms that give it its light hint of fruitiness. This raw honey hasn’t been pasteurized or processed and therefore is not uniform in color.

This honey has a naturally light flavor and is perfect for drizzling over baked goods, or even just as a compliment to butter on your favorite bread. From the comb to your table, it is the perfect natural sweetener for all your baking needs!

Wildflower Raw Honey, 8oz. - $12

Wildflower honey together

Falling in between Clover and Buckwheat kinds of honey in taste, this raw honey is made from the various nectars of wildflowers. Due to the variety of nectars, this honey can have different flavors depending upon which wildflowers the bees harvested from and which season the flowers were in when they were visited by the bees.
In general, Spring and Summer honey is a light amber color, whereas the Fall and Winter varieties of Wildflower Raw honey are darker in color and contain more antioxidants.

This honey is raw, meaning that it is not pasteurized and comes to you in its most natural and direct from the hive state.

Hellgate logo

Hellgate Farm is a network of residential and rooftop gardens in Queens, NYC. We wish to promote urban gardening and a permaculture lifestyle within our community, providing opportunities for people interested in these practices to connect and learn, as well as share in the abundance of the harvest.

Classic Hot Sauce - $8

hell gate hot sauce

This Classic Hot Sauce is great for a milder cooking option, adding heat and tang from the habañero peppers and apple cider vinegar. We love it on our eggs in the morning with some tortillas, too!

Smokin' Green Hot Sauce - $8

hell gate hot sauce

This Smokin' Green hot sauce is great when used as a finishing sauce on your completed dish! Chili, Carnitas, or even a warm bean soup are great compliments!

benchflour bakers logo

Bench Flour Bakers is a small, but mighty baking company hoping to integrate delicious, wholesome treats into the vibrant and exciting Queens community, and beyond.

Our food philosophy is simple and honest, just like the food we make. All-natural. Fresh. Seasonal. We use local and organic produce whenever possible. Our hope is to connect with local New York farms to utilize locally-milled, organic flour and the best fruits and veggies that we can, from the best sources.

Simply put, we make baked goods with the best ingredients, and we hope they make your day just a little brighter.

Sourdough Loaf - $8


Milkbread Loaf - $8


Biscuits - 6 pieces, $24

Homemade Granola - $7