A Solid Journey

Discover what foods to start your infant on and how to nurture healthy eating habits that will eliminate the toddler food struggle in the years to come.

This is a low cost, monthly workshop (virtual or in-person) for you to gain resources, support & tools while you navigate this new stage of parenting.

Learning how to feed your child at every new stage feels like a journey into the unknown…

bottle feeding mama
nursing mom

One that feels like you are entering the depths of a parenting blackhole and will come out the other end covered in mashed banana and globs of avocado.

baby with pastahead

Early on you may be prompted by our child’s pediatrician to add cereal or purees to ensure they are meeting your Dr.’s weight standards.

Perhaps you are watching other mamas and papas around you beginning to offer something other than the breast or bottle to their littles.

It’s almost certain you have begun to hear internet whispers about what your baby should be doing at 6-18 months and how you should be supporting them.

You may even be noticing that your child is eyeing up your plate more and more and grabbing for your lunch.


There is so much information out in the world today for parents about what’s “best” for your baby & how you “need” to do it all as a parent. It can all be quite overwhelming!


Does any of this sound familiar...

  • Are other parents doing it one “right” way, but you don’t think that’s going to work for you and your baby?
  • Does your pediatrician recommend techniques and information that don’t feel aligned with what you want for your family?
  • Are you getting over-loaded on information (and just want to feed your sweet child in peace!), but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you attempted offering solids, but have an instinctual fear of choking that you just can’t ignore?
  • Have you tried a puree or two, but all your kiddo does is stick their little tough out and let the puree dribble down their chin?

There are so many reasons we begin to embark on this new journey and stage with our little ones.

You can get your child transitioned to solids without all the fear and uncertainty and we will do it together - In community with other parents and with support from a professional.

This is your invitation to join us today for our monthly workshop - “A Solid Journey”

Get support you deserve to move through this stage of parenting with confidence & assurance.

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Babyled Weaning - Resources pic
Babyled Weaning - Demo pic

It will be the foundation to healthy eating habits that will support your child into adulthood.

By getting support early on to provide healthy options for your child, you will be working towards eliminating the mealtime tantrums that so often occur as kids grow into toddlerhood.

Building a foundation of confidence, security & compromise around food will allow your little one to establish healthy food associations that will ease the power struggle so many families find themselves in as their kids grow older.

The Connected Chef & MOMally are gathering once a month to support you on this journey to solid foods.

Gathering monthly will provide you ongoing support as new and unexpected elements of this journey come up -- Giving you the ability to troubleshooting the individual pieces of your journey within a community of supportive women.

Here’s what we’re going to cover together…

Kim of The Connected Chef will address various food centered struggles that so many parents experience when moving from breast/bottle to solids.

  • How you know when your child is ready for solids - No more guessing or trying to fit your kids to what’s happening around you.
  • What foods to start them on and how to nurture healthy eating habits from the start - no struggling with kids who will “only” eat chicken nuggets.
  • What about choking!? How do I keep my baby safe when providing solids?- worry proof feeding that’s healthy and safe
  • Are purees and cereal a necessary step? Can I make my own?

Anything you may have a question about, we will be here to answer your questions and support you.

And here’s how it works…

Once a month, we will gather in person or online for this one hour workshop and support session.

In Person: A group of 10-15 local mamas and papas and their babies with get together in-person.

Via the Web: For those who can’t make the in person gathering - you will be joining us via a private video conference where you can jump right into it all over your computer.

Every month we will offer a “love seat” to a different mama or papa.

What is a “Love Seat”?  This is your chance to get 20 minutes of one on one support and advice from an expert (and veteran mama!), Kim Calichio of The Connected Chef. 

You'll be held up, nurtured and supported by your fellow tribe in a safe and nonjudgemental space.

With your 20 minutes, you can ask questions, troubleshoot issues or even request a demonstration to help support you through any current issues that are coming up for you around transitioning your baby to solids.

Walk away with a plan.

Not only will you get your questions answered, but you will walk away with a clear idea of what you can do to move beyond the struggle and into a space of enjoying healthy food with your family.

OUTLINE YOUR GOALS for transitioning your baby to solids.

Do you want to do Babyled Weaning? Offer purees? A combination of the two?

How do you want to  feel throughout the next months while you go through this journey?

What are you priorities?

How will you nurture yourself as well?

These are all vital questions that you will get clear on. This is what will define your journey and allow you enjoy the ride.

Get ACTION STEPS for you and your baby to practice each month.

Info sessions are great, but you will leave each workshop with a clear idea of what steps you can take within the next month to take a stride forward.

The action steps given are dependent on your needs in that given month.

Some common steps may include things like:

  • Try 3 new foods
  • Practice sitting with your baby while eating
  • Observe how your baby is handling a specific food in their mouth
  • Practice incorporating a specific puree into the month

Go home with a “CHEAT SHEET”

Each class, participants will receive a worksheet that outlines the information covered for the session. Questions asked and answers and resources given.

- Because we all know mom brain is a real thing! -

This workshop is the support and community that enables parenting to be fun and enjoyable. It will be your chance to create a foundation to healthy eating habits that will support your child into adulthood.


Individual Session: $35

Do you want your partner to join with you? 

It’s SUCH a great opportunity when couples are able to go through this journey together. It will allow you both to be on the same page and support your child as a cohesive team and you will go home being able to support each other through the weeks.

Couples discount applies - Enter code "couples" at checkout.

**Please note, discount only applies to spouses within the same family and is not applicable to friends or other relatives.


Getting support early on to provide healthy options for your child will create a foundation of confidence, security & compromise around food. 

This will ease the power struggle around food & eliminate the mealtime tantrums that so many parents struggle with as their kids become toddlers.

The SOLID JOURNEY is perfect for you if:

  • You’re about to enter into the world of solids with your infant
  • You’ve just begun solids of any kind and feel overwhelmed
  • Your infant is already eating all the foods, but you worry that you’re just getting by to get healthy foods to your little person.

About Us

Kim Calichio, The Connected Chef

Kim as a mom

To Kim and the rest of The Connected Chef team, Food is the means by which we develop a more compassionate, connected society.

Before moving on to become a professional chef for top NYC restaurants, Kim studied at SUNY Stony Brook in research psychology. With The Connected Chef, Kim gets to combine her experiences and her passions by supporting families to use food as a medium to connect on a deeper level.

Through kids cooking & gardening classes, adult cooking classes and private, hand-tailored offerings - The Connected Chef gives you and your family a joyful way to connect with each other and the environment through food.

Andrea Scannell, MOMally

Andrea Scannell

Momally is where being a parent and being successful come hand-in-hand. Andrea is the founder of MOMally, a certified pediatric sleep consultant, certified lactation counselor, postpartum doula, parent coach, educator AND mom.

Since 2005, Momally has become a network of more than 10,000 moms and a vital resource for new parents. Momally’s New Mom Support groups,  Momally Parenting on  Meetup.com and MOMally’s Facebook Communities have helped a generation of local moms get support and find friendship. Momally provides breastfeeding support, infant care education and early parenthood coaching.

This transition to solid foods does not have to feel so scary and overwhelming. With guidance and support, you can enjoy this journey and connect even deeper with your little one around food.

If you're looking for guidance around how to support your child through the transition of solid foods, then this is the space for you.