Herbal Workshop, Bitters & Syrup Workshop

We are making delicious creations that will boost your immune system & keep you strong through this Winter season.

This 90 minute workshop with NYC herbalist, Rossana Rossi will teach you how to make your very own bitters and herbal infusions.

Learn about the medicinal properties of various plants and how to turn them into delicious infusions that will liven up any cocktail.

Plants are not just good for eating!

During this unique workshop, we will make two types of herbal infusions

- bitters and elixirs -

homemade bitters picture

Both can be added to cocktails, mocktails, or plain seltzer for unique beverages with health benefits!

To Register

Click the link below and select 1 or 2 in the quantity.

10% discount if you register for both classes!

At registration, indicate which class you would like to attend. You will receive a confirmation email from The Connected Chef.


Bitters Class: Friday, 1/31 @ 7pm

Elixers Class: Friday 2/28 @ 7pm

Where: Broom Tree Garden & Gallery, 27-20 Ditmars Blvd

Share with your friends! This workshop is so fun in groups!

inredients of bitters


What's included in the workshop?

  • Two bottles of home-made bitters or elixir to take home
  • Recipes &  instructions for use
  • Information on the ingredients' culinary and medicinal benefits
  • Knowledge and basic skills to do this again on your own!
Gift these infusions to your loved ones... or keep them for yourself for an evening of Netflix and a glass of your own creation.

About our Host

Rossana Rossi, Herbalist

Rossana Inés Rossi is the founder of Victory Plant Medicine, where she has provided herbal consultations, workshops, and traditionally made plant-based medicine for over 10 years. Rossana’s herbal lineage is rooted in the Wise Woman Tradition, believing that the healing path is paved with our innate wisdom; that the “healer” is in fact the patient and she as the herbalist is more the knowledgeable tour guide; and that the philosophy of “nourishment” rather than “detoxing” can liberate us from insanity.


In additional to plant medicine, Rossana has studied gem and crystal medicine, energy medicine, and bodywork. She is endlessly fascinated by the mysteries and surprises of the natural world, noticing that our engagement with our environment mirrors our relationship with other humans.

Rossana is a lifelong New Yorker from the Dominican Republic. She has practiced Kung Fu Wu Su since 2007, has loved drawing since before she could write, and loves to bake, knit, and sing. When Rossana is not making her own medicine, you will find her working at the United Nations.

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