Hive to Table Tasting Experience

local food, honey and mead wine

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Join us for an intimate experience that will demonstrate just how integral honey bees are to human existence.

All while invigorating your taste buds and bringing you stimulating conversation.


In the spirit of pleasure and education, The Connected Chef and Astor Apiaries are bringing you a variety of Hive-to-Table Experiences that center around the journey of a honey bee and their importance in our food system. 

Connecting you to where your food comes from is our main jam here at The Connected Chef. We also believe that the act of connecting with where and how your food is produced should be indulgent.

It can’t always be work, right?

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It's not just about the food!



Each event will include a cocktail hour with local NYC bee keeper, Astor Apiaries where you will engage in a honey tasting and view their observational hive. You will learn about the community that bees live in and how these magical creatures contribute to our planet in various ways.

From there you will sit down for a three- or four- course meal with wine pairings and learn about the various tastes and how honey can be incorporated into every meal. 

All menus are plant forward and gluten free.

*Please note observation hives are only available during Spring/Summer seasons
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Hive to Table Mead Tasting


Where: Honey's, 93 Scott Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

When: Saturday 12/7/19

Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Cost: $120/person

You’re evening will be set in Enlightenment wine’s newest location, Honey’s Brooklyn. 

Enter this quaint Brooklyn Meadery as you’re offered a fresh-made cocktail using mead that is made on premises. To pair with this first step of our journey together, Nick Hoefly of Astor Apiaries will be presenting a series of honey tastings utilizing local honey variations from bees right in our area. 

The next step of our travels will be enjoyed while you are served delicious, locally sourced food in bite-sized portions prepared by The Connected Chef. in this intimate setting, you will be presented with three sets of micro-courses all paired with a different mead by Enlightenment Wines. 


Here at The Connected Chef, everything has a purpose. Each set of micro-courses will offer a small presentation about the journey of a honey bee, it’s importance on our food system and what we, as humans, can do to better support the natural course of our food system. You will be encouraged to engage in conversation around these topics and have the opportunity to create new connections for yourself.

Come to enjoy the food and wine and leave with new connections and a deeper understanding of how our food system works.

What's on the Menu



Honey tasting with Astor Apiaries



Carrot Ginger soup 

crispy shallots, bee pollen


Spiced pork cabbage wrap

lime/ginger/cilantro dressed slaw


Herb Marinated Cauliflower Steak

carrot beet chips, garlic herb gel



Veggie tart 

butternut squash, eggplant, red cabbage, kale


Ribeye patacon

chimichurri salsa and pickled red onion


Stewed lentils with kale

fresh parsley, diced apple, apple cider vinegar



Tapioca Pops

Apple with pecans & pears with oats,  whipped coconut cream


Chocolate bombs 

flavored & oozing honey varieties

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