Kids Cooking & Gardening Classes

Make my own snacks!

Age 5 - 8

Jonah grating


Give your kids the chance to learn to make their own snacks in this independent cooking class for children.

Each class, kids will learn simple recipes that they can prepare on their own with little to no adult supervision. All recipes are no cook preparations and focus on building flavor, assembling ingredients and being creative!

Cooking promotes independence and confidence in all ages.

All ingredients and materials will be emailed at time of registration. Each class include simple ingredients that can be easily substituted for what you have in your kitchen.

This class is designed for kids to participate without the assistance of their grown up. Take this time to have a drink, sit back and relax a bit.


Virtual Family Cooking Classes

All Ages

Let’s be real...

We are finding ourselves in close quarters with our family while still having to work, provide meals and now teach our children throughout the day. This is a lot of pressure!


During each family cooking class, we will make a very simple recipe that requires minimal ingredients.

The wonderful thing about learning to cook with your senses is that you don’t need certain ingredients. 

These cooking classes are designed to provide a space for your family to come together in this time to connect, make a simple recipe & feel stimulated and joyful.

Parents will recieve...

You learn to cook with your children in the kitchen.

Come away more comfortable and confident to cook with whatever ingredients you have access to at the time.

Gain the support you need to incorporate your children in the process and support their at-home learning.

Kids will recieve...

All classes include learning opportunities for your child during class and activities to do independently between classes.

  • science
  • math
  • reading and writing

Kids learn to cook with you and become a helping hand in the kitchen.

After registration, you will receive the ingredients and materials needed for class. Each recipe will include substitutions to ensure ingredient availability is not an issue.

Art from Nature

Age 5 - 8


Art from Nature will be an immersive and sensory based creative showcase for urban environmental art.

Whether you live in apartment in a city or a house in the suburbs or a cabin in the woods you will find natural treasures that you can turn into a huge number of projects and gifts.

These are gifts from the Earth.

Nature is abundant with her generosity, but we must learn to use her treasures wisely. By discovering her gifts and how to create beautiful things with them, I hope to inspire my students to be a partner with nature so that our planet will continue to grow for many generations to come

During our weekly zoom classes, participants of all ages and abilities will be inspired to create nature based projects together.

This class is designed for kids to participate without the assistance of their grown up. Take this time to have a drink, sit back and relax a bit.