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A hand-tailored meal planning program with bi-weekly meal plans, shopping and meal prep lists that are  designed just for YOU and your lifestyle.

Life is busy and often we have good intentions, but juggling all the pieces is just plain hard.

We are left in a constant state of thinking of what's next to do, planning for the following day and re-running all the things on our to-do list over and over again. Always feeling the need to be "ready".


This leads to our inability to BE PRESENT in our lives and enjoy the things that are happening right now.


Dinner time and meals in general can take up SO MUCH space in our heads.


With all the recipes and meal planning tools on the internet, you can surely do it yourself. Right?


But, then why does it still feel so heavy?

Sometimes, we all just need a little hand holding or to simply off load things all together.

Meal planning requires a lot of moving pieces. It's not just deciding to what to eat together.


Right now, meal planning is:

  1. Figuring out your schedule and when you CAN cook
  2. Understanding who likes what and who will eat what in your family
  3. Finding the recipes that will make EVERYONE happy
  4. Finding recipes that won't take an hour to prepare
  5. Choosing what you're going to eat when, based on your schedule (and the schedule of everyone else in your house)
  6. Gathering the recipes & figuring out what you can prep ahead and when
  7. Making the food shopping list
  8. Going food shopping
  9. Doing the meal prep
  10. Making the meal

Those are a lot of steps! -- More than any dinner is worth for any working human!

Here's what meal planning looks like with support:

Have a one time call with our meal planning specialist to clarify -

  • the kind of meal planner you are (yes, there are different kinds!)
  • when meal prep best fits your schedule
  • what you (and your family) want to eat

Then, go enjoy your life while we send you...

  • bi-weekly meal plan with recipes hand-tailored to you and your family's likes
  • meal prep list of what to make ahead and how to re-purpose ingredients to get the most out of them
  • shopping list with your general needs and those specific to your meal plan
  • cooking videos to give you a little extra support un the kitchen
  • monthly 40 minute call so that you can check in and see what's working and adjust your plan as you go.


Mealtime can feel relaxing!

With your monthly meal plan program, you will not only get clarity on how and when to cook your meals, but you will no longer have to be worrying about what's next on the list.

You have a lot going on and off loading the though process in making dinner time (heck, lunch and breakfast time too) happen can be overwhelming and exhausting.


You should be able to enjoy your day, focus on yourself and your family and enjoying the time you have together. 

No more, thinking about what's for dinner while you are already multi-tasking and doing 3 other things at once.

How do you get started?

When you register, you will be getting a monthly meal planning program and a 60 minute initial consultation call.

The Set Up ($55)

60 minute consultation:  here we get clear on the kind of prep and schedule that works for your family. During this session we will also identify the best days and times for you to do your meal prep, as well as how many meals you would like to cook at home each week.

Monthly Meal Planning ($99/month) 

- Bi weekly meal plans
- Meal plan includes recipes, what to prep ahead and shopping lists
- One 40 minute call to be used each month: this will give you a chance to review what is working and not working and adjust meal plans as we go
- Your meal plan will also include ways to repurpose dinner meals for lunch and breakfast and will help reduce food waste
Your $99 monthly meal plan is an automatic renewal each month. You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice

That is $25 a week to not have to make another food shopping list - another prep list or another meal plan again!


You deserve to be present in your life. You deserve to be able to stop hustling and planning and THINKING all. the. time.

By getting support you will have get the best of both worlds...

a chance to relax and enjoy other aspects of your day AND still get a home-made meal on the table during the week.