See first hand what our Toddler Sensory Experience is all about!

(Location : ACD Playspace, Astoria)

Sensory Exploration : an introduction to whole foods with the senses

Weekly classes that will provide your toddler with the opportunity to create a positive relationship and nurture healthy eating habits for years to come.

"By offering your child the space to be creative, exploratory and independent around food, we also provide them the opportunity to cultivate bravery and excitement throughout their food journey."

This work allows your child to:

  • Feel empowered to make independent & healthy food choices.
  • Develop a natural respect for their environment and community.
  • Experience the unique opportunity to have their natural developmental skills nurtured in a caring and small group environment.

Sensory focused classes support your child at the stage of development that they are in.

Give your little one the chance to explore there colors, numbers and shapes through food.

Allow your child more practice in developmentally appropriate social situations that leave them more social adept and well rounded.


Getting your kids involved in preparing their food and giving them exposure to healthy, whole foods straight away will eliminate “picky eater” issues down the line.

It’s important to create good habits young.

This toddler series is geared toward littles, age 2-4, who are just entering the world of food exploration.

Did you know there is no better way to cook than with your senses?

Children have a natural need to explore and they learn best through sensory exploration.

  • Kids explore food with their senses
  • Learn about the various textures, colors and flavors of food
  • Explore different tools in the kitchen
  • Gain experience with the first level of knife skills

Aside from the benefits of healthy eating, cooking is the ideal way to practice working as a team and the social skills that accompany that type of work.


While our classes focus on cooking, we provide a space for kids to navigate the everyday aspects of being a toddler. We just do it through food. 🙂

Social dynamics are a focus of what your child is naturally learning at this age. Our classes support healthy growth and provide opportunities for kids to practice the various social and team challenges that arise.

Give your child the opportunity to connect through food.

Connecting through food (1)

The Deets

The Connected Chef does not finalize our menu until we have all participants food allergies and sensitivities. This ensures that all friends are able to enjoy the class.

Some of the items that we have cook in the past are:

  • Marinades
  • Spice Rubs
  • Sushi Rolls
  • Veggie Fritters

With each of the items we cook together your child will get the chance to see new, fresh ingredients and the discover the beautiful sights, smells sounds and flavors of these foods.

When & Where

Saturdays @ 10:45am: ACD Playspace, 3124 38th St, Astoria, NY 11103

Age: 2-4 years old

Your child is currently in the mists of creating positive food associations that will last them a lifetime.

Give your kiddos the experience of dirty hands, full bellies and smiling faces.