Our Work

We source healthy, nutrient-dense ingredients, package them with care and redistribute the groceries into communities that need it the most.

We do this work with the understanding that HOW we redistribute matter.

Dignity and care come first.

Through Lifeline, we direct deliver nutrient-dense groceries to families who are out of work and unable to receive unemployment or other government assistance. 

Every family who comes into our Lifeline program is guaranteed delivered groceries on a weekly basis.

This is a community driven, mutual aid program that both serves and engages the Queens community.

The Impact

2,400+  individuals a week are now food secure thanks to our continued efforts.

This program is Queens' first year-round, equitable CSA.

As we deepened our model of community-based work, we have built a CSA that takes the various needs of our community into account.

Sliding Scale

Fresh, local ingredients

Proceeds go to Lifeline Groceries

The Impact

A new food system available to all Queens residents that practices community care and sustainable farming practices, while supporting the local community and businesses.

We cannot do this work alone. It is because of our distribution partners and other community partners that this work is even possible. 

From major partners like, BrighterBites, whom we work side by side with on a weekly basis, to our deeply connected community fridges, every partnership fighting to help empower Queens residents is vital.

The Impact

By teaming together in our shared goals, we are able to increase the impact we have in our community.

Moving from serving 700 households a week to 2,700+ households a week. Thats 2,400 individuals to an estimated 9,450 individuals weekly.

Just by collaborating, sharing resources and working together in community!