Adult Classes : 8 Class Package


Week 1: Let’s Get Started: Moving from WHAT to HOW

This class is the beginning of confident cooking!  We talk about general themes in cooking, how to change the way you think about food, and what to keep in mind during the cooking process.  You will learn an overview about different cooking methods (such as sautéing and roasting), and go over basic, but crucial skills (knife skills, seasoning & more).  Begin to move away from recipes and rules and start cooking with your senses.  

DISH: Marinated Chicken or Veggies with Coconut Rice and Thai Salad 


Week 2: Knife Skills: Kitchen Fundamentals

What if I told you that you have been holding your knife ALL wrong? Well, it’s likely you are. The good news is that I can help. Learning how to be more efficient with your knife skills will make prep go faster & you might actually enjoy it! (I can’t be the only one who finds cutting to be calming!) I will show you the best uses for each cut & tips for shopping for the most appropriate knife for you. Get some mind blowing chef secrets in the mix. 

TAKE AWAY: This class will leave you with the prep you need to make dinner breakfast and lunch for the next week. Stock you fridge and get ready to cook!


Week 3: Salads & SeasoningThe power and salt & spices

Do you season your food throughout the cooking process? Are you adding enough salt? Learn to use spices and a few professional chef tricks to add more flavor to your dishes and minimize your food prep.

By making a few different salads, you will learn how to season your food to the max AND how to maximize your food prep to utilize the same things in multiple ways.

TAKE AWAY: a taste of various flavor builders to add to your meals next week.


Week 4: Heat Control: What cooking is all about

Cooking IS changing your ingredients with heat.  How could you ever become an amazing cook if you don’t know the art of heat control. Let me show you WHY you use medium high heat & when to slow it down; What to look for when you’re cooking, so that you aren’t always fearing burnt food. Why eggs? Because they are the MOST temperamental and provide a great platform for learning this technique. If you can cook a good egg, you can cook anything!

TAKE AWAY: a taste of different types of egg dishes and food prep for quick, healthy breakfast the next day.


Week 5: One Pot Meals: Layering Flavor at every step

Learning to layer flavors will allow you to get the most flavor out of any meal you make.  There is actually a PROCESS behind building a dish. Learn the steps so that you can apply them beyond your traditional thought of One Pot Meals. Possibilities are endless.

DISH: Veggie Chili with fresh salsa


Week 6: Searing: Brown = Flavor!

Searing your food and knowing how to get that brown, yummy goodness that we all know and love is not complicated. BUT, there are rules. The trick is that when you know the rules it’s no longer scary. Join me to learn how to sear protein & veggies and the ripple effect of all that flavor!


Week 7: Braising: My favorite way to cook! 

I have a deep, deep love for this bad boy.  I kid you not feel an inner calm when I see a braising liquid being made.  It truly soothes my soul. I want to share that with you. And aside from the soul soothing, braising results in some rockin’ food that is mostly hands off. (AND it’s great freezer food to store for a busy day)  Find out why searing and building balanced flavors is key!

DISH: Chili Braised Pork Shoulder Tacos & Pico de Gallo (Vegetarian option available)


Week 8: Roasting

This right here, THIS is your time saving grace!

When I was deep in it after having my 2nd son and feeling like I was drowning, ROASTING was the ONLY way I was able to feed my 2.5 year old regularly home cooked food. 

Home late from work and still want to eat delicious, healthy food? Roasting is what will get you there.

It requires the least amount prep & yields, guess what? Amazing flavor! Get in the know about roasting protein & veggies and how they differ (or don’t).

TAKE AWAY: A variety of roasted veggies, and prep to take home and cook when you’re ready.


Step 1: During Registration, indicate the weeks you would like to register for. (i.e. week 4,5,6)

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email along with your welcome packet within 24 hours of your order. Please review and send back your allergy form asap.

Step 4: The only you have to bring is a knife from home and we will take care of the rest!

After Class you will receive the notes and recipes of the content we reviewed. This will allow you to reference the materials at home whenever you need.


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