Full Family Membership Subscription

$205.00 / month

At The Connected Chef we strongly believe that our work with your children is about exposing them to whole foods and positive food experiences on a regular basis AND supporting YOU to make the adjustments you’d like around food, cooking and connecting with your children.

For this reason, our membership options provide support for your child AND you. While a regular cooking class is great – we are dedicated to supporting your family in bringing this work home with you as well. That won’t happen alone

Full Family Membership – $205/month

Kids get:

  • Unlimited weekly classes – Kids get consistent exposure to whole foods and relative developmental skills, which creates a strong and lasting foundation for healthy eating and independent choices.
  • Chef Kit: includes a Connected Chef Apron, Kid-Safe Chef Knife & Recipe Book.
  • Special discounts to various camps/workshops outside of weekly classes as well as family cooking classes.
  • VIP access to participation in community demonstrations and events
  • Participation in our quarterly Student Celebration where the kids get to show off their skills and cook for their grown ups!

Parents get support here as well!

  • 1 Family Cooking Class that can be used within 3 months of your registration
  • Access to our new private Membership Only Community where parents get updates on the activities and progress of their kiddos as well as tips and support for themselves around cooking.
  • Special discount on our Monthly Meal Planning support

We can’t wait to cook with you!

Pay a deposit of per item



If you are looking for less commitment, but would still like to take advantage of all the benefits of our classes, check out our