Monthly Meal Planning

$125.00 / month and a $55.00 sign-up fee

Meal Planning

The Set Up ($55)
– 60 minute consultation: here we get clear on the kind of prep and schedule that works for your family. During this session we will also identify the best days and times for you to do your meal prep, as well as how many meals you would like to cook at home each week.

Monthly Meal Planning ($99/month)
**automatic renewal each month. you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice
– Bi weekly meal planning (2 weeks at a time)
– Meal plan includes recipes, what to prep ahead and shopping lists
– One 40 minute call to be used each month: this will give you a chance to review what is working and not working and adjust meal plans as we go
– Your meal plan will also include ways to repurpose dinner meals for lunch and breakfast and will help reduce food waste


Why a Monthly Meal Planning Membership?

If meal planning was so easy to successfully execute none of us would be shaming ourselves on what we SHOULD have done this past week.

The truth is, meal planning is more than just picking out recipes.

The trick to successful meal planning is…

Creating a strategy and structure that works for YOU specifically. A plan that includes all the special details of YOUR week.

Accountability and weekly hand holding from a professional chef who can guide you through the process.

Once a member you will receive:   

  • 1 forty (40) minute set up call to get you strategically situated and ready for success
  • 3 weekly recipes that are tailored specifically to you
  • Weekly email/video support to guide you through your meals each week
  • Group accountability on your meal prep and weekly planning goals
  • Discounted pricing for any additional virtual and/or in person cooking classes you may choose.

How do you get started?

Click “Subscribe” and you will be on your way to weekly healthy meals WITHOUT THE STRESS.

You deserve to enjoy mealtime! Let’s get started!


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