4 quick & easy ways to make healthy meals fast

with your kids

Inside The Connected Chef’s “Quickstart Guide to Easy, Healthy Meals as a Family”, you’ll find my best tips to make meals easier, faster & healthier (… and how to include your kids in the process -- because when kids help, they actually get excited about the veggies, really!)

And the best part? You won’t need recipes -- they slow you down and complicate things. Seriously, what busy parent has time for that nonsense?

I reveal:

  • How to marinade like a 5-star chef and create a flavor pool for your ingredients.
  • How and what foods to sear (totally underused cooking technique!)
  • The right technique for roasting … so you don’t end up with mushy vegetables or tough meats.

Plus, you’ll get a road map so you know how to involve your kids in the kitchen (even 4-year olds can make prep time faster!)

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Cooking dinner doesn’t need to be a hassle … an afterthought … a what-am-I-gonna-cook-tonight drain on your energy. Once you know these top cooking techniques you’ll get how to pull together delicious dinners with whatever you have on hand.

Forget the recipes with the eleventy-jillion ingredients … (and doesn’t it seem like there’s always ONE key ingredient you can’t get your hands on?) This guide is all you need and soon you’ll be rocking out those dee-lish dinners in no time … even tonight!

I’m Kim Calichio, professional chef and founder of The Connected Chef.

I’ve trained with world-class chefs and worked in top NY restaurants. I live & breathe cooking.

I started The Connected Chef to help connect families to each other through food and to connect kids to healthy eating through classes that focus on the fun of gardening, cooking, and eating wholesome foods.

I’m also a mom of 2 boys under 5. I’m crazy-busy - what parent isn’t? We don’t have time for Bon Appetit recipes - gimme a break! We need easy, we need fast, but we also need healthy.

Parents are always asking me for quick, nutritious cooking tips and so I’ve put together this collection of techniques to guide any parent who doesn’t want to spend so.much.damn.energy on making dinner every night.


Kim Calichio the Connected Chef