Chili Braised Pork Tacos & Salsa

These chili braised pork tacos are one of my family’s all-time favorite recipes, and one that I’ll often make in my cooking classes as well!

Chili braised pork tacos are practically foolproof and very popular – making this the perfect party meal, make-ahead dinner option, or simple Sunday dish. The chili-braised pork tastes better the longer it sits, too, so make a big batch and freeze some for later if you get the chance.

The base of this dish, the pork shoulder, follows along the guidelines I’ve laid out in the braising section. Remember that the perfect braise builds a flavor that works along with the rest of the ingredients it’s paired with; turn a cheap cut of meat into the star attraction with just a few simple tricks!

Chili-braised pork tacos and salsa are great on their own, but if you’re looking for a different side, I really recommend this simple corn salsa.

Chili braised pork or 5 spice tacos bring different ideas to the table instead of just Mexican.
Chili Braised Pork Tacos & Salsa
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Chili braised pork or 5 spice tacos bring different ideas to the table instead of just Mexican.
Chili Braised Pork Tacos & Salsa
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Chili Braised Pork
Pico de Gallo
Spice Rub
Chili Braised Pork
  1. Coat pork in spice rub & salt, pepper. (You will have left over rub. Keep it in a jar for another dish/time!)
  2. Sear pork in a dutch oven or saute pan until dark, golden brown on all sides.
  3. Remove pork and add all veggies. Cook until charred and slightly cooked
  4. Deglaze with bottle of beer
  5. Put pork back into dutch oven & add enough water until pork is ¾ covered. (If you don’t have a dutch oven & have seared your pork & veggies in a sauté pan, place everything in an oven safe pot & cover.)
  6. Cook at 275-300 degrees for 3-4 hours, until pork is falling apart. (You should be able to put your fork in the pork and pull it apart without any resistance)
  7. Once cooked, let everything cool in the braising liquid.
  8. I often make 1-2 days ahead and put the whole pot in the fridge to cool. If that is the case, just warm the pork up when you are ready to shred it.
  9. Shred pork and strain braising liquid. Then, add pork to the strained liquid. You may need to reheat everything slightly if it has cooled completely. (Don't boil when reheating, you will toughen the meat)
Pico de Gallo
  1. Dice tomato, avocado, onion jalapeno & cilantro
  2. Mix with lime juice & season generously with salt/pepper
Recipe Notes

There are no quantities for the PICO DE GALLO. That is because you can make it to your own liking.

I typically like my Pico de gallo heavy on the lime and cilantro, but it's a personal choice.

TASTE AS YOU GO and remember you can always add more of an ingredient!

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