Kids’ STEAM Classes

Robotics & Engineering Courses

Our robotics and engineering STEAM classes are for grades K - 8. Each project contains multiple sessions/modules that can be done daily or at your child’s own pace.

This Connected Chef CS series is rooted in algorithmic thinking. 

Learners will understand the sequential role of : 

  • Algorithms = writing your idea out in plain language 
  • Peusudo code = writing minimalist fine tuning instruction
  • Actual code = Unambiguous instruction for your computer

Because the most important use of computer science is problem solving, this series will a focus on programming for the sake of applying problem solving skills to: 

  • Literacy [ understanding logic and data types]
  • Fitness [create an algorithm to generate a workout routine]
  • Nutrition [ make a list of content in your fridge and make a meal generating algorithm]
  • Self expression [music, art, sculpture, dance]
  • Natural and Man made disasters [ Robotics]

Grade 5+

Build your own mobile app!

Karioki Crosby will lead your child through MIT mobile App inventions! 

In this project, your child will be introduced to coding through MIT’s “App inventor 2”. They will learn what coding is & how to execute it.The goal of this project is for your child to walk away with a drawing app that THEY’VE created. Your app can be installed on your Android device or you can run your app in your simulator.

This project consists of 5 weekly sessions with a run time of 90 minutes each.

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to MIT app inventor
  • Setting up your emulator
  • Starting your first App

Lesson 2 

  • Digital design
  • Code editing
  • Drawing on a canvas with pixels

Lesson 3 

  • Coding 
  • Adding logic
  • Customizing your canvas

Lesson 4 

  • Test your emulator
  • Add a clear button 
  • Customize your button

Lesson 5 

  • Program your button
  • Remix, test , reiterate
  • Share out

Materials/Technology needed: 

Access to a Mac or PC

Internet connection 

Grade 3 - 4

Make your own video game

Karioki Crosby will lead your child through real world gaming with Scratch programming.

In this project your child will design and program a unique game about  a topic that is serious to them. They will learn how to utilize Scratch, a kid friendly coding platform. This project will test your child’s creativity, problem solving and engineering mind. 

Check out this video to see what the professionals have to say about  game design inspiration. Here's what they said:

This project consists of 7 sessions with a run time of 90 minutes each

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Make a scratch account
  • Join the class!

Lesson 2 

  • Introduction to serious games
  • Game remix challenge
  • Mercury in the ocean

Lesson 3 

  • Hack the graphics
  • Tell your story
  • Add a powerful sprite

Lesson 4 

  • Mechanics
  • Code the score boards
  • Sound effects

Lesson 5 

  • Animate your sprite
  • Choose an issue
  • Design your game

Lesson 6

  • Fully realizing your idea
  • Things to keep in mind
  • Build your game

Lesson 7 

  • Test your emulator
  • Add a clear button 
  • Customize your button

Materials/Technology needed: 

Access to a Mac or PC

Internet connection 

Details for all virtual robotics & engineering classes

Donation Based Registration :

We understand that this is a tough time for many. As a small business, we have been greatly affected by the COVID19 outbreak as well. We are asking for donations for all of our virtual classes, but understand if folx cannot make a donation at this time. 

We are here to support you and stay in the community. If you can donate, it is greatly appreciated. If you cannot, please do not let that stop you from joining us. 

Joining a Virtual Class :

1. Your link to join class is located in the notes of your registration. You will also be emailed a link before our class start time.

2. Once you receive the link, please save it in your calendar.

3. At the time of your class, click your class link to log in & get cooking. (We recommend joining 5 minutes to class to get situated.)

Adult Supervision:

We have worked to develop these classes so that children can engage with little to no parental assistance. If there is any feedback you have on improving this experience in that way, please let us know!

We understand the need for parents to have their own space in this time and our hope is that these classes can offer that opportunity.

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