Summer Camp Sliding Scale Tuition


The Connected Chef sliding scale is an income based adjustment of tuition for families. All families must apply for a sliding scale tuition and complete an application that asks for the number of members in their household & yearly household income.

(Please note that families applying for sliding scale tuition do not receive an additional sibling discount as that factor is accounted for in the calculations.) 

The Sliding Scale is calculated based on your combined family income as is relates to the 2019 NYC AMI (Average Median Income) and provides a discounted price off of the family’s weekly tuition.

Tuition for the sliding scale ranges from $600/week to $900/week. 

Payment plans are permitted for all levels of tuition and can range from a 6 - 10 month period.

While sliding scale are typically calculated based on the FPL (Federal Poverty Level), The Connected Chef has chosen to calculate our sliding scaled based on the NYC AMI to provide wider access to discounts given that NYC income and cost levels tend to be different than those at the federal level.


Equation for calculating Sliding Scale

When calculating your sliding scale tuition, we will use the following equation to determine where on our scale your family falls.

Income / AMI level relevant for the # of people in household X 100 = % AMI for sliding scale determination

From their you will be given the appropriate discounted rate, based on presented income.

Sliding Scale

<100% NYCAMI = $600/wk

100-200% NYCAMI = $700/wk

200-300% NYCAMI = $800/wk

>300% NYCAMI = $900/wk


AMI (NYC Average Median Income 2019)

2 person household - $68,929

3 person household - $73,349

4 person household - $73,140 

More people/household = $4,420 per additional person



AMI: The NYC AMI is  based on data for NYC families in 2019 and shows the median average income of NYC residents.

Primary Earner’s Annual Income = The income of the highest earner of the family. Income must be shown based on that individual’s tax return from the previous year.

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