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It is up to us to care for one another.

Volunteering with us means you are actively participating in Community Care. We believe that each and every one of us are Connected Chefs who have the power to create change and the responsibility to act for one another.

Currently, 1.2 million people across NYC are food insecure. While, our food system is reliant on large agribusinesses that produce food by extracting from our Earth and our people.

Volunteering with The Connected Chef will bring you a greater sense of connection to your community, your food and the systems at play within our society. You will be given the opportunity to participate in a radical act of love and compassion that will greatly impact yourself, your neighbor and your community.

Volunteer Positions

Verification Volunteer

The Connected Chef's is looking for English, Spanish, Bengla and Arabic speaking volunteers to assist in texting and calling grocery recipients to verify their contact and delivery information. This is a remote position that requires access to the internet and mobile phone.   Find out more...

Packing Volunteer

Come help pack and prepare grocery packages for delivery! Each packing volunteer will get to participate in creating fresh grocery bags that go to families across Queens for our various distribution programs.   Find out more...

Delivery Volunteer

The Connected Chef is looking for English, Spanish, Bengla and Arabic speaking volunteers to assist in delivering grocery packages to families in need. All deliveries are CONTACTLESS DELIVERIES between recipient and driver.   Find out more...

Additional Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Aside from the above, we have a variety of administrative type projects and tasks that we are looking for support on. Please click to learn more about how you can participate and lend your expertise.   Find out more...

Click the links below to see job descriptions, then click "VOLUNTEER" to sign up.

We will provide you with our safety protocol and everything you need to know to get involved in this community effort.

If you don't see something that may suit you, but you feel you have unique skills to offer, send us an email and we can chat!

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