Who We Are

To Build a food system rooted in community action, practices of healing, and respectful connecion to the Earth. (2)

Currently, millions of NYC residents are food insecure. People are struggling daily to feed their family and navigate the compounded trauma that is associated with being forced to live in a system that does not consider their needs or experiences.

Simply providing enough food for NYC residents is not enough. We have a responsibility to one another to consider the many intersecting issues that lead to so many families being food insecure. 

Sacrificing quality of food is not an option. 

Ensuring food is distributed to communities in a dignified and collaborative way is a must. 

We are committed to doing this work in a way that heals our community from the continued trauma and harm that our systems enact.

We believe that food insecurity is a solvable issue and that it must be addressed collaboratively. By engaging community members, building relationships with local, like-minded partners and never compromising our values, we will continue to create a equitable and resilient food system rooted in sovereignty for all.